Season 7 Episode 21

Where the Heart Is

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 10, 2001 on NBC

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  • Understanding and accepting

    It was beautiful episode. The emotions and the story. It was mostly about those little stories and hardly no cases, but for a change it was good. We had another Abby mom's episode and this time it was not so awful to look. She looks to get her life back and that is something that is good to look. And she also manages finally to heal things between her and Abby too.

    Benton is on weird position when Carla's husband leaves her and she tries to get Benton back. For that, she acts terrible with Cleo and it does not look good for her. She has not been very happy with Benton, as he first was not supportive at all and sometimes she looks jealous because of Elizabeth, so - maybe there will come a longer storyline.
  • Great acting from Maura Tierney and Sally Field as always.

    To me, this was a very special episode. We as viewers begin to learn more about Abby's past, including her revelation in this episode, that she had an abortion, with fear her baby would inherit his grandma's mental condition. Very moving scenes, especially when Maggie takes a crying Abby into her arms. This is the reason I watch ER. The scene at the end, where the staff plays softball cracked me up. Luka looked adorable in his "American" cap, but he sure can't play softball! Overall, a fantastic episode, I loved it. There was plenty combination, with scenes from both the hospital and outside the hospital, which is what I believe makes a good ER episode.
  • Great balance of medical stories and personal stories.

    This episode is classic ER. There is drama in both the patient stories and doctors' lives. In the ER, Dr. Greene treats a young boy who has been physically abused and neglected by his father. Dr. Weaver works with a mentally challenged girl whose brother dies in an accident. Since the girl has no other family, she is forced into a group home placement. It's a tough storyline to watch, but it's nice to see Kerry show some heart.

    The other big drama surrounds Maggie, as she is engaging in therapy sessions with Dr. Legaspi. Abby joins in one of the therapy sessions, and we see how mistrustful Abby is of her mother and her recovery. Later, Abby opens up to her mother about her fears, and discloses that she once aborted a baby because of her fears that either she or the baby would become bipolar like Maggie. It was heartwarming to see Maggie embrace her daughter and assure her that she deserves "all the great things" in life. The episode ends with an ER softball game. It was nice to see this tradition from the earlier seasons carried on here. It was also refreshing to see Abby and her mom at peace, and enjoying a good laugh together at the game. It was a very well-written episode, which engages the viewer throughout.
  • I hope the season finale is good.

    This episode was slightly better than the previous 2. This time it wasn't all about Abby & her mother and we saw more of the other characters.

    The baseball game was cool though, & Luca was so funny playing without knowing any of the rules.

    I felt sorry for the mentally retarded girl who's brother died, and her having to move to a home. I felt like crying with her.
  • truly disturbing

    There are three disturbing storylines in this episode and I will count them down. Number three is Abby's mother being released and going home. I think that there should have been something more that could have been done for her. This really goes back to the previous epsisode where she lied to avoid being committed. The second is Cleo and Reese. You would think Cleo could have done a better job taking care of him. However, those two things combined aren't half as disturbing as the story of Ben Fossen. I think the idea that a parent would break a child's arm has to be extremely disturbing to anyone who cares at all about kids. I think that Mark was absolutely right to report the father to the authorities. I thought he was a psycho even before he went on the shooting spree. They did lighten the episode up a little with the softball game. It wasn't quite as much fun as the one in Dr Carter I Presume because it lacked the fireworks, but the scene with Luka hitting was funny.