Season 7 Episode 21

Where the Heart Is

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 10, 2001 on NBC

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  • Great balance of medical stories and personal stories.

    This episode is classic ER. There is drama in both the patient stories and doctors' lives. In the ER, Dr. Greene treats a young boy who has been physically abused and neglected by his father. Dr. Weaver works with a mentally challenged girl whose brother dies in an accident. Since the girl has no other family, she is forced into a group home placement. It's a tough storyline to watch, but it's nice to see Kerry show some heart.

    The other big drama surrounds Maggie, as she is engaging in therapy sessions with Dr. Legaspi. Abby joins in one of the therapy sessions, and we see how mistrustful Abby is of her mother and her recovery. Later, Abby opens up to her mother about her fears, and discloses that she once aborted a baby because of her fears that either she or the baby would become bipolar like Maggie. It was heartwarming to see Maggie embrace her daughter and assure her that she deserves "all the great things" in life. The episode ends with an ER softball game. It was nice to see this tradition from the earlier seasons carried on here. It was also refreshing to see Abby and her mom at peace, and enjoying a good laugh together at the game. It was a very well-written episode, which engages the viewer throughout.
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