Season 10 Episode 18

Where There's Smoke

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2004 on NBC

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  • THIS IS SOME BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!

    This episode was depressing as hell, and as another member mentioned, WHY CAN'T THEY LET KERRI BE HAPPY?!?!?!?!?!?! Everything I can remember happening to her is bad. It's sad and I'm getting sick of it. Also, Gallant was one of my favorite characters. All in all this episode really hurt. It was pretty well written, but it really is just expected at this point that everything will go wrong for Kerri and it's stupid.
  • Go out back and shoot yourself! Kerry is alone again.

    They can't seem to let her be happy. She has lost Kim, had a miscarriage, and now that she finally gets a baby they kill off the only other thing that brings her happiness. It isn't looking good for Kerry. I am a big fan and it hurts to watch so much bad happen to a innocent person. Why kill Sandy. It was pretty painful.
  • Cruel world..

    Oh.. this episode.. I did not know that it will be somehow the last episode of Gallant as a main cast until I had finished watching it and I was so surprised - I never thought he would leave - there seemed to be so much left and so many things.. oh.. but this leaving was well done - very beautiful.

    And ofcourse, the main storyline - Weaver and Sandy. I have always known that Laura Innes can act but on this episode, she once again reminds us that there is so much potential on her char and they just cannot let her have happy life. The end scene at the stairs.. it was so moving.. oh..

    Great episode.