Season 3 Episode 14

Whose Appy Now?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 1997 on NBC
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A gleeful Carter removes Benton's appendix. Doug treats a 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient who wants to die, but isn't old enough to sign a DNR. Mark juggles dates with three women, including psychiatrist Nina Pomerantz. Jeanie and Greg team up to find the culprit behind a rash of staph infections. Haleh has a tough time filling Carol's shoes. Carter and Doyle have a date at the pistol range.moreless

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  • Carter stole this episode & that's why I loved it.

    Doug has to deal with a patient's wishes versus what the mother wants. Mark shows he is quite a ladies man when he is triple dating. It catches up with him & he ends of spending the evening with a different kind of date. Funny!

    Speaking of dates, Doyle & Carter go shooting. I found this to be boring & no chemistry. Someone isn't washing their hands. Jeanie & Greg are on the job. The best part of the episode: Dr. Benton who has been teaching Carter how to be a surgeon gets sick. The tables are turned when Carter is the one to operate on his tough as nails superior, Benton. I loved watching Carter savour every minute of it @ Benton's expense! The next episode also had the hilarious after effects of the operation. One of my favs ever! I recommend it for any comedy or Carter fan. The other characters were funny too.moreless
  • Emotional, some humor and revenge for Carter.

    Benton is not feeling very well and it comes out that he needs a operation. And luckily, Carter with Doyle get that change and I am sure they rather enjoy it.

    But in the start - Carter and Doyle have to work on the same patience and as we knew before - that is not easy for them. Also, Carter has troubles with Benton has he is giving up, Carter wants to join the team and he needs paperwork done but he is postponing it. So, when he is down, and Carter is ready to do the operation, who is happy now?

    We also get some more char development with Doyle and Carter as we learn quite much about them both - Carter cannot shot.

    Also Greene is getting little too into some things as he ends up with three dates in the same night and ofcourse - they find it out and so, instead a lovely lady, Greene spends the evening with his best friend, Doug, of course. Violin is playing so lovely.

    But the pearl of this episode is case the Doug is handling - a dieing boy who wants to die. His mother do not want to accept it, but she does respect his will until the moment is here and she with his girlfriend back from their promise and Doug is forced to save his life knowing that he wants to let it go but is just too young.moreless
Caitlin Dulany

Caitlin Dulany

Heather Morgan

Guest Star

Veronica Cartwright

Veronica Cartwright

Mrs. Houston

Guest Star

Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall

Katie Reed

Guest Star

Abraham Benrubi

Abraham Benrubi


Recurring Role

Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox

Dr. Maggie Doyle

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Harry J. Lennix

Harry J. Lennix

Dr. Greg Fischer

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    • Greg: You want to get some coffee? I know a great place a couple blocks from here.
      Jeanie: You know what, it's getting late and I've got to work early tomorrow.
      Greg: Are you sure that's the reason?
      Jeanie: Well, I'm afraid.
      Greg: Of what?
      Jeanie: Of liking you too much. (he kisses her)
      Greg: What's wrong?
      Jeanie: Nobody's done that in a really long time. Aren't you afraid?
      (he kisses her again)

    • Doug: How did you end up going out with two women on the same night?
      Mark: Scheduling mix-up. Any suggestions?
      Doug: Dinner with one, drinks with the other.
      Mark: Yeah... I think they're both expecting the works.
      Doug: Who do you like more?
      Mark: Well, Heather's a lot of fun.
      Doug: Fun's good.
      Mark: Polly, she's... she's very spiritual.
      Doug: Spiritual like what? Like, like crystals or something?
      Mark: Heather's got Bulls tickets.
      Doug: Bulls! Say no more.
      Mark: Yeah, you're right. I'll call Polly. I'll make up an excuse and go out with her tomorrow night.
      Doug: You're playing with fire here.
      Mark: I can juggle.
      Doug: You're gonna get burnt. Women can smell deceit.
      Mark: You ought to know.
      Doug: Those days are long gone, my friend.
      Mark: So, what do you do now?
      Doug: Give advice.

    • Chuny: I thought you had a date.
      Mark: Canceled.
      Chuny: They busted you?
      Mark: They busted me.
      Chuny: Men are so stupid. How many women were you dating when you were with me?
      Mark: Just you.
      Chuny: Really?
      Mark: Yeah, you know, except for that night when my neighbor, the ballerina, broke up with her boyfriend. You know, I had to comfort her.
      Chuny: Yeah, so that was like a public service.
      Mark: Yeah. Other than that, I was totally faithful.
      Chuny: Oh, I feel blessed.

    • (Carter has just finished the appendectomy on Benton)
      Carter: I am ready to close.
      Dr. Hicks: Nice work, Carter.
      Carter: Thanks. Maybe I'll staple my name into his belly.

    • Wendy: This pamphlet says that 40% of all doctors don't wash their hands between patients.
      Doug: No kidding.
      Wendy: Yeah. And medical personnel pick their noses on average of three times an hour. And many interns only bathe twice a week...
      Doug: (interrupting) Wendy, there's a limit on how well informed I want to be.

    • (Ross and Weaver walk into the ER for their shift; she notices that he is using a crutch but does not see his injured ankle)
      Weaver: Doug, that's not funny...

    • (to Benton, as he awakens from anesthesia)
      Hicks: Dr. Benton, I'm pregnant.
      Weaver: Dr. Benton, I'm pregnant.
      Carter: Dr. Benton, I'm pregnant.

    • Benton: Where's Dr. Hicks?
      Carter: Oh, there's been a last minute substitution.
      Benton: Carter?
      Carter: Don't worry, Dr. Benton. We're going to take very good care of you.

    • (when Carter sees that his appendectomy patient is Benton)
      Carter: Whoa! Ho, ho, ho, ho... There is a God!

    • Jeanie: The most important thing is to wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
      Jerry: What? Every time?

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