Season 11 Episode 20

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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • carter gets tenure while susan doesnt...

    I was so pissed off when i first watched this episode. Susan deserved tenure more than Carter! But when i kept on watching and watching i realised that i really like this episode. I dont know why but i just love it when carter and susan argues. And Susan s great \"this is my home\" speech made me cry. She was all right. He never asked for it and he never wanted it. I dont remember if it was in the same episode or the one before but there was a thing she said before :I belong to county. And while she was talking to weaver the look on her face is precious. Love susan lewis, Love Er, Love the episode!!!
  • Carter wants to be anywhere else than where he is..

    So.. this is a big day.. Morris gets to chief resident (what? I know..) and Carter gets tenure and Susan who so badly, with all of her soul, wants it.. does not get it. And she really gets it out on Carry.. so.. what we have?

    On the other storylines.. it is Ray's episode - as it's starts with him and then he really decides that medicine is more important to him than his band as when there is a boy with problems - he rather stays and helps him than go to another gig. And Carter.. he makes a phone call in the end. I am so hopping they will get together with Kem again.

    And Luka and Sam.. they have a problem, or - Luka has one. He never talks about his feelings and Sam is mad about it. A therapy?
  • Carter gets tenure much to Susan's dismay whilst also contreversially Morris is appointed Chief resident.

    Some position shocks in this episode:

    Carter got Tenure in place of Susan, A matter of money? It wasn't completely put across that way and Susan never specifically said it but it was implied stongly with; Susan: So forget excellence. Forget performance. Just write a check to fund a new wing.
    On some levels she's spot on but then you have to consider Carter's devotion to the hospital and it is an even ballance on both parts on who deserves the postition.However it was evident the decision was made on money and money alone like so many things in this world. Susan lost out and i don't think that was fair but with her impending departure links had to be made as to why she would eventually leave.

    This is my home. This is where I started. This is where I want to stay. And half the time I get the feeling you’d rather be anywhere but here.
    I think Susan read to much into Carter's involvment in the decision and was way to judgemental on his part , it was evidently not what he intended to happen.

    The Jake and Abby scenes added the family element to the episode , Abby obviously felt akward but the scenes with her sitting between two old ladies just made me lauf considering her inexperience with such a large family.Her speech about never imagining families like this tugged my heart strings.I just remembered the rubbish she went through with her mum and the scars it left!

    Balanced , a good storyline.