Season 3 Episode 18

You Bet Your Life

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 1997 on NBC

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  • That's what they call solid

    After the dreadful previous "Tribes", this episode proves again how effective ER can be when it simply does what it does best. Nothing fancy happened, no major events occured, but still the episode worked perfectly fine.

    I loved the major plot line about Carter, because he is the most likable when he tries to do the right thing and here, by basically sacrificing his career for one patient, he does all one can possibly do. It was stupid, sure, but it worked and his deed was admirable, to say the least.

    Jeanie's conflict also was very effective, since it reminded us that her disease is a constant conflict in her mind, which never really seems to be solved. That she was the one treating the AIDS patient maybe was a wide stretch, but it worked fine. The crucial scene with her and Greg was simply great, because it showed in a very clever way why those two won't work together. The final scene with her and Al was heartbreaking, even though Al still is a character that is hard to like, simply because he's so helpless.

    Mark's journey downhill is never nice to see, but at least it was harmless compared to what will come up in future episodes. His competition with Kerry was fun and flirting with Jami Gertz never hurts.

    Doug and Carol were great too, Doug because right now he is the best he can be, laid-back, cool and funny and Carol because she is so ambitious which fits to Doyle's hard-edge overambition.

    The only thing not so great was Peter's attempts to find out about his son without doing it the right way. He's lucky to get away with it, but it still's isn't nice to see because he has such an awkward way of dealing with his feelings.

    And I simply loved the little fight between Kerry and Jerry, especially her look when he wants her to believe he's smarter than her.

    All in all this was a solid, good episode that delivers all you can expect from an ER episode.