Season 3 Episode 18

You Bet Your Life

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 1997 on NBC

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  • Better than last episode but there have been better times.

    At least, in this episode, there are some really moving and interesting cases.

    Mark is trying to find an interesting case to write and article but has to chose between doing his work and filling ambitions and Rachel, as she is having hard times. He makes a right decision but can he work it out? This is a thing to think and worry about.

    Carter is trying his best, again, by saving a patience life by going against Anspaugh's decision, if Hicks take the patience in. It comes out and Carter finds himself in really bad position as both of them are really mad about him and the decision what becomes of him is theirs to make. This was really a case that moved me - the way he wants the best, saves his life and the way the other doctors take it. But it shows one thing - the boy has good heart.

    A funny case was the one were two teenagers going to prom end up in ER and she still wants so badly to go, despite she needs a surgery. And they go and come back and everything is ok for them. It is lovely to see there is positive energy, some good cases.

    And the most moving case of this episode, what, I think, will be most influential, is the one Jeanie is treating - a woman who tried to take her like. She has AIDS, she had lost her baby because she gave the AIDS for the child. She thinks she is not worthy living and takes lot of bills. ER only manages to keep her alive a little, for her husband to arrive, but he is not caring about her - he is mad and happy that she is in pain and dieing. This drives Jeanie out of herself and when the patience is dieing, reaching out for Dr. Fisher, think of his as her husband and Jeanie tells him to say he forgives, he somehow freezes and does not it and so she dies. This just makes Jeanie more and more thinking that she cannot gamble with Fisher's life and in the end of this episode - she is trying to fix things with her ex as with him - there is no gambling.. and they do have good things from past..