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Ergo Proxy

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Humans and androids called Autoreivs live together in a Utopian society devoid of emotion, within a giant domed city known as Romdo. A mysterious virus called Cogito, which infects the Autoreiv inhabitants, causes them to exhibit emotions and personalities, which wreaks havoc on the idyllic and peaceful society. Police inspectors Re-l Mayer and Vincent Law are called in to investigate a series of killings, which lead them to an encounter with a monstrous creature called a Proxy. Japanese Show Title エルゴプラクシー (Erugo Purakushiī) Opening Theme "Kiri" by Monoral Closing Theme "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead
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  • Ergo Proxy is the kind of anime that makes you think; although it appears to be quite slow at first, it does an amazing job of building up the tension and answering one question while giving you a dozen more new unanswered questions at the same time.moreless

    The characters appear unusual at first; perhaps even unlikeable. But there is a reason behind this: in Romdo, the futuristic, domed city that is humanity's last means of survival in a ravaged, post-apocalyptic world, citizens are not allowed to show emotion. To show emotion is to understand that something is wrong, and that can lead to questioning yourself and your environment. "Doubting the system is bad. Always obey." Those are the rules one must follow in order to be a Fellow Citizen. However, Re-l, Vincent and Pino soon lt their emotions overcome them; they see Romdo's flaws and lies for what they really are and confront them with their only weapon being the truth. However, lies make people happy. Can they really handle the truth?

    This show is deeply philosophical, especially concerning Vincent's inner turmoil and struggle. He is forced to see that he is a man with no past, a man who wears the mask of one who would deny his own fate. His road to self-discovery is deeply felt by the viewer, and the moment he realises the truth is one of the show's climaxes and brilliantly conducted.

    I don't want to spoil anything else, but if you're a fan of philosophy, musings, and conspiracy theories, as well as watching characters grow, mature, and fall from grace or rise above it, then this is the show for you. All the information is slowly revealed, and sometimes revealed from the get-go--you just don't realise it until you've connected the dots or seen its conclusion.

    I highly recommend it.moreless
  • simply great

    Ergo Proxy is a fantastic anime, I really like the dark sci-fi suspense kind of anime. It's a pretty decent anime that I recommend, it has an awesome storyline. Ergo Proxy starts with Ri Mayer investigating some murders with her AutoReiv partner Iggy. In Ergo Proxy, the story is set in a world were humans and AutoReivs coexist peacefully, but meanwhile, the government has been developping experiments on humanoids, that are called Proxy (Proxy's are believed to hold the key to save the humanity). Ri discovers that the murders have something to do with the Proxy's and starts investigating about it. I won't spoil anymore, but this anime is pretty good and it's very enjoyable. I loved the animation itself, it's flawless in my opinion.moreless
  • A fairly decent show...

    this is a interesting show that has a intriguing plot. There are cities (in domes to protect them from the outside atmosphere) sprinkled throughout this post apocalyptic world. The story goes on as the main character goes on a quest to find out more about the proxy things. This is a great show, but one of its biggest problems is that its a slow paced show. Also there will be episodes that are totally random and feel like all its there for it to fill up space. Also you can tell that the budget was lacking since the animation is weird sometimes. Characters don't look right at times. Overall its worth your time.moreless
  • its a good puzzle anime like dot hack code geass and deathnote

    From what I've seen so far most of the characters are on genius level intelegence. Most of the main characters are interesting and have funny quirks about them. the main character is named vincent. He doesn't always think ahead and just lucks out every once in a while. Like in the ep where that demon was killing all those people in with the helicopter. I love how deep the storys plot is. The first episode was really funny too.

    all in all one of the best puzzle animes i've seen. Spiral was good too but its over now. My fave ep so far out of the few I've seen is when he arrives at that base with the hellicopter and fights seddix sp? It was so cute the way pino kept on saying bit by bit. She's so luvable.

    I like how gaara's va sings the opening and is the va for vincent.moreless
  • A good puzzle anime as it's been dubbed. The story a twisting maze with a nice payoff at the end and the show mainly focusing on character and world

    A good puzzle anime as it's been dubbed. The story a twisting maze with a nice payoff at the end and the show mainly focusing on character and world development. Starting the show with a monster attacking the main character but pulling it's punches was a good touch. From that moment forward we're left with a mystery as to what is going on. Though jarring imagery of a child in a box we learn of a world with almost human robot helpers. These AI so advanced as to have human emotions the one of self preservation being the downfall of their human masters. Other than Re-l being attacked at the beginning and our learning she's the granddaughter of one of the founders of this society. We have love lorn Vincent and the way his character plays out was a well done mix of chaos and fun. Finding that the monster was him all along and his true purpose is to destroy man and rebuild the world was the fatalistic anime ending we loved. Ergo Proxy has the distinction of not getting lost in it's layers. Even though each episode can be almost stand alone and each episode till the end presents more mystery. The artwork and payoff are worth any head scratching moments you may incur.moreless

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