Ergo Proxy

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Mar 04, 2006 on WOWOW

Episode Recap

Re-L is stuck in a room with a man, some AutoReivs and Entourages who are trying to find the "man" responsible for Re-L's attack. They cycle through many before Re-L gets impatient and yells at them, saying that it is none of them and that it was a monster which attacked her. To her chagrin, no one believes her story.

Iggy tells Re-L about her new replacement home, and that even if she wants to find an outlet for her frustration, she needs to see Daedalus. Iggy comments that her mental state may have been affected from the attack, leading Re-L lose her cool again. She zones out of Iggy's conversation before asking about the murder investigation, and learns to her disbelief that she has been "relieved of her duty". The man she talks to responds that the order was from above, and that it is because her mental state may have been affected from the attack. She tries to provide him with proof but finds that Iggy's memory of the entire investigation has been erased. She exits to go see her doctor, Daedalus.

Back in Raul's office, he discusses with Kristeva the proxy's movement and decisions.

Daedalus tapes Re-L's arm and she discovers a message on his computer. Discovering this, she puts on a performance and tries to get Daedalus to believe her. Daedalus leaves the room to set a brain scan up. Meanwhile, Re-L searches his computer and discovers the word "proxy", and as she does Daedalus re-enters and tells her that the machine is ready.

Back in the car, Re-L tries to look up the word proxy through Iggy, but the search is canceled and tells Iggy to tour on. They take a short detour as Iggy and Re-L receive a phone call from her grandfather, the Regent.

In the mall, Vincent picks up some new equipment and we see the escaped proxy watching him.

Re-L speaks with the Regent, apologizing for ignoring their calls and then asks what a proxy is. When they try to change the subject she interrupts by saying "Are you ignoring me? It's because I'm getting to the heart of the matter, isn't it… grandfather?" Forced verbally into a corner, Re-L promises that she won't act on her own accord again.

Back in his office Raul is looking at photos from Re-L's apartment, and discovers that there were two proxies.

Re-L gets a glimpse of her new apartment, but doesn't really pay attention to her surroundings or what Iggy says, knowing that Iggy is being monitored by the Regent. Re-L tells Iggy that she wants to get a change of clothes, and leaves before Iggy can question her otherwise.

Back in a mall, Vincent is fleeing and firing at the proxy that is chasing after him. Pino sees this, and tries to get Raul's wife and her child out of the way, but fails. The proxy tears through them, killing them instantly, as Raul watches nearby. During this moment, Pino realizes she is infected, as she achieves self-awareness. Raul and Kristeva attempt to regain order as Vincent tries to outrun the Proxy.

Back in her old apartment, Re-L tries to look for clues that the security bureau may have missed.

Pino gets scared when she finds men entering her house with hostile intent, and she silently flees.

Re-L discovers a necklace that looks identical to Vincent's, and so she concludes that it was him.

Vincent is corned by the proxy. Unable to escape, he relaxes and faces her.