Ergo Proxy

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 2006 on WOWOW

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  • Quinn wants Vincent to travel with them, he decides Re-L needs medical attention. They escape, and Re-L is brought back to Romdo, Hoody drives her into the city, and Vincent takes off on the Rabbit.

    (Spoilers)I have been impressed with every episode so far, including this one. Rual begins to show distrust with the Head Bureau, and begins to show his own ideals, like delaying Re-L's entry into the city. Hoody makes it clear that Quinn may not be very trust worthy, and for good reason. Everything dear to he has be taken aways to tainted by Romdo witch Re-L symbolizes. Re-L's death, even though it is one of a human, would be meaningless to her. Peeno begins to seem as though she may be understanding emotions, realizing the change of input and out put of others around her, and the scenarios her company are in and shows something like sadness. Vincent understands he needs to return to the place he was born, and allows Hoody to transport Re-L into the city, and Hoody gets to view Romdeau one last time in his life. I am beginning to trust Daedalus, which is making it very clear he is on Re-L's side.