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    Ok, just out of curiosity, since the main character's name, Re-l is pronounced the same as "Real", why was it chosen to go along with the confusing and downrightr odd spelling of Re-l? The original japanese was "re-ru" so it just seems logical that Real would be used. but that's just my opinion.

    Also, it's ironic that Vincent wears a red cloak and has black hair, and carries a gun... kind of reminds me of another vincent from ff7

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    well in the english dub, her name is pronounced the same way it's written: "Ree-elle" or Rielle. That whole dash thing also bugs me but, oh well.
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    In the original Japanese audio she is called りる or if you prefer the katakana, リル。

    Proper romanazation would be riru . Transliterated into English there are a number of possible readings, including Real, Lil, RE L, etc. For romanization purposes I don`t think it would be appropriate to insert a hyphen to make Re-L but for the purposes of translation it would be OK, though it may give a bit of a hint as to how things will turn out towards the end of the show. Further, Japanese cant distinguish between L and R sounds....similarly, English generally doesnt make the Japanese R/L sound. Thus a perfect translation isnt possible without talking to the writer/director/producer. I haven`t read anything about what their original intent was so I leave to ya`ll to google.

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    It's 'like' the word "real", but real is pronounced as a single syllable, where as Re-l is pronounced as two syllable.
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    (Highlight the areas between the spoilers to read them. I wasn't sure just how much people might know or not, so decided to be safe rather than sorry.)

    There are so many reasons behind the spelling of her name, but so far I think they're just theories. In the show and subs, her name is written "Re-l", but when you look at Daedalus' computer screen, it almost seems to write "Real" despite there being a clear hyphen in her name.

    My theory is that Re-l was one of the most "real" people in Romdeau, what with displaying emotions and wanting to discover the truth no matter what. Also, despite her being one of the most "real" people, she herself *SPOILER START* may not be "real" when it's hinted that she might be Monad's clone. *SPOILER END* So she's real, and yet not real at the same time, hence her name being "Real" and yet not. That's my theory, at least~

    As for Vincent, I think his name suits him for various reasons. Vincent means "to conquer" and essentially with him being the only *SPOILER START* Proxy who couldn't die from sunlight, as well as the original Proxy and the Agent of Death *SPOILER END* he has conquered his past, his destiny, and himself. Any comparisons to other characters are insignificant to me. A lot of people have black hair and wear red, after all... and Vincent only really kept his gun for the first few episodes. xD

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