Ergo Proxy

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Mar 11, 2006 on WOWOW

Episode Recap

In a train, we are shown Vincent's dream in which he is confused about the emotions he feels and what he sees in his dream. He wakes up on the floor of the train car, and answers his ringing phone. It is Dorothy who called, and she asks "Vincent, where are you now?".

Re-L tries to contact Vincent via phone but can't get a hold of him. Iggy discovers that the Intelligence Bureau's database has been accessed 74 times, all by unknown accounts.

Vincent arrives to where he meets Dorothy, and as he looks for her, he trips over her head as he finds her body broken and torn. before he has time to assess the situation, an armed AutoReiv attacks Vincent. With his weapon empty, he flees, but soon Vincent raids a cupboard and reloads his gun before jumping out a window as the AutoReiv discovers him.

Raul gets in trouble and Kristeva is threatened by the Regent for not having found the proxy.

Vincent finds Pino whilst he is looking for the plug vent. He is able to recognize her from several different occasions.

Re-L tries to get in contact with Vincent again, but does not succeed.

Vincent and Pino try to sneak to the plug vent as the armed AutoReivs are looking for both them. Pino trips and falls over, making a sound that catches the attention of an AutoReiv, who comes to check the area. Vincent quickly pushes Pino out of the way and they remain undetected.

Pino holds out Vincent's phone and answers when Re-L attempts again, and then Vincent then speaks to Re-L. He drops his phone and continues on his way when Re-L works out that he is trying to leave Romdo through the plug vent. Re-L rushes to find Vincent but is stopped by the Security Bureau. She lies to the officer about where she's going, then continues to drive to the plug vent, hoping to get there before Vincent.

The Regent and the statue AutoReivs discuss Re-L and her personality, actions and what she might be thinking.

At the plug vent, Re-L finds Vincent and questions him about the proxy monster that attacked her in the bathroom, holding up a necklace that appears to be Vincent's, and asks why the Security Bureau is chasing him. He responds that he doesn't know and is shocked somewhat that Re-L saw the monster too. Armed AutoReivs, under the instruction of Raul and Kristeva, appear suddenly and surround the two, trying to get Vincent to come with them.

Scared and angry, Vincent breaks away from Re-L, before the two start to get pulled outside from the gushing air, due to the open plug vent. Iggy runs in front of Re-L to protect her, so she won't get sucked out and gives her a breathing mask so the outside air doesn't affect her. Pino joins up with Vincent, and Kristeva closes the plug vent, much to Raul's disgust. She explains that she can't keep it open any longer otherwise it will expose Romdo to potential disease. Re-L takes another look towards Vincent as he reflects upon his time in Romdo and she gets a glimpse of the true Vincent, where he isn't someone whom Romdo wants him to be.
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