Ergo Proxy - Season 1

WOWOW (ended 2006)




Episode Guide


  • Deus Ex Machina
    Episode 23
    Vincent is finally forced to face his true nature, and the purpose he's been created to fulfill. Along for the ride, Pino and Re-l learn new revelations about their true purpose for being.
  • Bilbul
    Episode 22
    Vincent showcases the true depth of his abilities, and tragedy abounds throughout the city of Romdo for its inhabitants.
  • Shampoo Planet
    Episode 21
    The Cogito virus spreads throughout Romdo, infecting more and more AutoReivs and causing chaotic events to unfold.
  • Goodbye Vincent
    Episode 20
    Vincent discovers he is trapped in Re-l's mind as an imaginary figure. Meanwhile, we learn the truth about Re-l, and how such a phenomenon could happen.
  • Eternal Smile
    Episode 19
    Pino finds herself in a strange new dome. While there, she appears to be another attraction in an amusement park. The other occupants soon question why exactly Pino behaves the way she does, without being programmed to do so.
  • Life After God
    Episode 18
    Pino, Vincent and Re-l see the ruins of Vincent's hometown in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Meanwhile, the council wants answers as to why the nuclear attack was launched in the first place.
  • Terra Incognita
    Episode 17
    Raul launches a nuclear attack on Vincent's hometown. All the while, Vincent, Re-l and Pino meet other strange proxies while seeking shelter.
  • Busy Doing Nothing
    Episode 16
    Re-l tries to learn and understand more about Vincent and Pino. Why does Vincent turn into a violent creature known as a Proxy, and why does the Cogito Virus compel Pino to seek out humanity?
  • 6/17/06
    Vincent finds himself, Pino and Re-l trapped in a Q&A style game show, with the stakes being the group's freedom. Is this all just an illusion, or is this reality?
  • Ophelia
    Episode 14
    Re-l must decide what to do about Vincent, now that she does not have anymore Proxy killing bullets. Not only that, but she must contend with mixed emotions about the friend she knows and the Proxy he has become.
  • Wrong Way Home
    Episode 13
    Iggy is starting to show signs of an infected AutoReiv. He doesn't understand how an AutoReiv can go on without its master, its raison d'etre. The thieving AutoReiv returns to reclaim the body of the proxy, its master, from Iggy. Iggy captures Re-l and explains that she is selfish and incompetent, that she does not deserve him, but it is because she is his master that he continues to protect her. Protecting Re-l involves getting rid of the threat known as Vincent, but the silent AutoReiv becomes a greater threat.moreless
  • Hideout
    Episode 12
    Re-l has finally found Vincent. Determined to find answers, she confronts him. What will the outcome be?
  • Anamnesis
    Episode 11
    A lost Vincent stumbles upon the 'City Lights Bookstore' where he meets a librarian. The librarian acts as Vincent's subconsciousness, as him and Ergo Proxy fight over the dominance of Vincent's body. Ergo Proxy wants Vincent to accept who he is, and to recall his memories. Ergo simply wants the two of them to become one, to accomplish the same pulse of awakening. Vincent tries desperately to discern the truth.moreless
  • Cytotropism
    Episode 10
    Daedalus is dismissed when the Bureau find out about him concealing the dead Proxy's body intentionally. He then looses his reason to exist having lost both Proxy and Re-l Mayer. Raul is angry with the council for looking the other way about Proxy because of the disappearance of Re-l Mayer. Raul searches for Daedalus as he knows he has the information he needs, he finds out that Daedalus is responsible for the electrical outage - a plan of Daedalus' to try and revive Proxy with the energy received. Raul also finds out that Daedalus faked Re-l Mayer's death certificate and that she is still alive securing supplies outside of the utopia. Raul consequently reinstalls Daedalus to work for him on Proxy.moreless
  • Angel's Share
    Episode 9
    Vincent finds himself in an unknown tower, having been rescued by Kazukisu Hauer. He and Pino discover AutoReivs that Kazukisu calls 'Knights'. Kazukisu explains why these were sent to Halos during the war, and had previously wiped out the population of Asura. Kazukisu talks about him and his Senekisu, who he loved, and how they were aware of their lamentable fate. They awaited the day of the 'Awakening'. He tells Vincent of a truth that Vincent does not want to accept, but must.moreless
  • Shining Sign
    Episode 8
    Pino and Vincent are captured by soldiers fighting in a war against AutoRievs after they follow a light. The soldiers assist Vincent and fix his ship hoping he will fight with them. The light seen by Pino is then discussed and stories of a monster that appears with the light come to surface.

    Later that night two soldiers are mysteriously killed and Vincent is accused. While in his holding cell Vincent continues to question himself. The AutoRievs invade the city and force the Commander to withdraw but a greater battle commences when the monster reveals itself.moreless
  • Re-l124C41+
    Episode 7
    Re-l Mayer is rapidly recovering from her exposure to the outside atmosphere, but having seen outside Romdo, she comes to the decision to see beneath her grandfather's lies and find out why he tried to cover up the outside world's existence.

    Later, Daedalus shows Re-l the autopsy results of the dead Proxy, and reveals it is a Monad Proxy, captured during the invasion of Mosque. He reveals Proxy is a God-like figure that holds the key to humanity's survival.

    The two agree that Proxy has opened their eyes, and that it has given them a life that requires answers. Meanwhile, Raul wants to continue his search for Proxy after learning it's no longer in Romdo, but to do accomplish this, he'll have to stop others from searching for the Proxy.

    Elsewhere, Vincent is contemplating his journey to Mosque to look for answers, when he also has a desire to find out what has happened to him.moreless
  • Domecoming
    Episode 6
    Quinn and the other commune members are planning to set sail on the Rabbit. Quinn offers Vincent the chance to go with her but he wants to take Re-l Mayer back to Romdeau so she can recover. Hoody persuades Vincent not to believe Quinn's promise saying she is most likely deceiving him and instead the plan to return to Romdeau is initiated. The AHT with Re-l Mayer inside arrives and Raul orders the execution of Vincent, already assuming he is driving the AHT. But just who is with Re-l Mayer? Meanwhile the Rabbit comes under attack and many people die in the conflict but someone aboard saves them all.moreless
  • Tasogare
    Episode 5
    The members of the settlement have growing anger towards Vincent because of the increase in security outside the city of Romdo. Hoody attempts to relieve the tension as he supports Vincent. However, this has the consequence of fooling others into thinking they will be saved and returned to Romdo.

    Later, Re-l Mayer arrives at the commune with the purpose of bringing Vincent back to Romdo, but when she speaks of the Proxy, Hoody intervenes to give his own opinions. He states that many people are misguided and that Proxy is not a devil but a conjurer with the ability to live inside humans and control their minds. Hoody confirms that there is more than one proxy, and is willing to show Re-l where to find them.

    Whilst many members of the commune are hoping to return to Romdo, the Security Bureau does the opposite, and initiates a clean up operation, with the intent to kill everyone...moreless
  • Futu-risk
    Episode 4
    Vincent has strange dreams about his life in Romdo, and soon awakens to discover that neither he nor Pino are dead. He finds himself with a group of people who were exiled from Romdo, in a small encampment outside the city. Inside Romdo, Raul wants to recover Vincent, knowing he has useful information. Meanwhile, Re-l wants to know more about Vincent and the Proxy, and inadvertently finds an escape route Vincent had discovered for infected AutoRievs. Re-l goes to learn more about this route, and discovers something about the Proxy that was chasing Vincent.moreless
  • Mazecity
    Episode 3
    The episode starts with Vincent Law lying on the floor, unsure to whether he's dreaming again. Meanwhile, Re-l Mayer discovers that the police department have been accessing the Information Bureau's data bank, but why?

    Vincent suddenly finds himself in trouble after he sees a crime, and is accidentally framed for it. He is being pursued by AutoReivs that he believes to be infected with Cogito, but is uncertain why. While fleeing, he finds Pino, a child-type AutoReiv, and she follows him in his escape.

    Re-l is attempting to contact Vincent as she realizes why he is being pursued. She meets with Vincent herself, and asks him why a creature known as Proxy is after him. Soon the vault leading outside of Romdo opens, leading to greater peril.moreless
  • Confession
    Episode 2
    Re-l Mayer is trying desperately to inform others that it was a monster that attacked her, but faces difficulty when the police, controlled by the Intelligence Bureau, reject what she says. The Bureau erases all records, reports and any other information on the monster named Proxy, in an attempt to cover up its existence and portray Re-l as deluded so no one will believe her. Re-l, whilst at her compulsory psychological check-up, learns more about the Proxy, and is determined to discover more about what this mysterious being is. The Intelligence Bureau is uneasy with this decision, and they continue to track the Proxy's movements. Later, Vincent Law appears to be in immediate danger, when the Proxy starts chasing him through a shopping center, recklessly killing bystanders. What is it that the Proxy wants with Vincent?moreless
  • Awakening
    Episode 1
    Murders are occurring across the city of Romdo, and more AutoReivs are being found infected with the Cogito virus. Re-l Mayer, an inspector from the Citizen Intelligence Bureau, is in charge of investigating these murders along with her AutoReiv partner, Iggy. While looking into these murders, Re-l comes into contact with a mysterious creature that is neither human nor AutoReiv.moreless