Ergo Proxy

Season 1 Episode 2



Full Episode: Confession (26:02)

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Re-l Mayer is trying desperately to inform others that it was a monster that attacked her, but faces difficulty when the police, controlled by the Intelligence Bureau, reject what she says. The Bureau erases all records, reports and any other information on the monster named Proxy, in an attempt to cover up its existence and portray Re-l as deluded so no one will believe her. Re-l, whilst at her compulsory psychological check-up, learns more about the Proxy, and is determined to discover more about what this mysterious being is. The Intelligence Bureau is uneasy with this decision, and they continue to track the Proxy's movements. Later, Vincent Law appears to be in immediate danger, when the Proxy starts chasing him through a shopping center, recklessly killing bystanders. What is it that the Proxy wants with Vincent?moreless
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