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E's Otherwise

(ended 2003)


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E's Otherwise

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E's (Pronounced "S") Otherwise is based on a popular comic series featured in the G Fantasy Monthly. Born through mutations, E's possess abilities that far exceed normal human beings.

15 year old Kai Kudo -who has powers different from the rest of the E's- together with his sickly sister Hikaru was protected from a world that fears E's by an organization called ASHURUM. ASHURUM is one of the 12 corporations that now rules the world. Scouted by Eiji, Kai was delegated to the ASHURUM special force AESES and undergo intensive training, such as sharpshooting, martial arts, and hacking, not to mention psychic training.

Whenever he was free, Kai visited Hikaru at the hospital belongs to the organization, but Hikaru's condition never improved. After one year of training, Shen-lon-another psychic in AESES who felt threatned by Kai from the first time he saw him- told Kai Eiji really only wanted his sister Hikaru, because she was said to have had amazing psychic powers, but was too sick to use them. Shen-lon told Kai that Eiji was just hoping Kai would have those amazing genes too, and was using him.

Not believing, Kai went on a big mission with the other E's to Gald city to infiltrate a hideout of guerillas that was said to have been using psychics against their will. While on the mission however, Kai encountered civilians that were said to have been evacuated. While trying to save them from the melee, one-afraid of the E's-shot and killed his partner. Kai, distraught, felt a strong telepathic surge attack another of his friend's minds. Still shocked from all that had happened, Kai tried to help the girl, but met up with his rival, Shen-lon, who had a hate for the humans who he believed had hurt his sister. In a rage, Shen-lon unleashed a psychic blast that decimated half the city. Later washing up on shore, Kai was found by a girl named Asuka. After nursing him to health, Kai later found out from her friend, Yuki- a "handyman" that did odd jobs, or whatever was required for money-that he would not be able to get his psychic levels back to what they were unless he went back to ASHURUM. After seeing more of the city and spending time around the people he fought to protect, Kai decides to stay with Asuka and Yuki a little longer...moreless
Akiko Hiramatsu

Akiko Hiramatsu

Maria (Jap.)

Hisayo Mochizuki

Hisayo Mochizuki

Hikaru Kudou (Jap.)

Jay Hickman

Jay Hickman

Eiji Sagimiya (Eng.)

Chris Patton

Chris Patton

Kai Kudou (Eng.)

Hilary Haag

Hilary Haag

Asuka Tokugawa (Eng.)

Yuuki Tai

Yuuki Tai

Kai Kudou (Jap.)

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  • love

    i love this anima
  • A really well put together show and one of my personal favourites.

    The show is set in a world where certain people known as E's have developed special psychic powers. One such E is Kai Kudo who works for AESES a secret organisation that struggles to 'maintain the peace'. However, when Kai is hurt durring a mission and nursed back to health by a young girl he starts to realise that the world is not quite as he thought and that perhaps he wasn't fighting for the right side after all.

    In many ways his show reminds me of Gundam - lots of politics and moral ambiguity not too mention people who change sides so often that I am surprised they have time to do anything else. All in all though it is very well written and very compelling.moreless
  • Not a very good anime.

    E's Otherwise is a below average anime.

    In the near future, following a war, corporations have come into control of the world. Ashurum is one such coorporation, specializing in handling a new class of psychics that have arisen. Feared by the general population, they have a home at Ashurum, where they develop their abilities and work for Ashurum in helping other psychics or dealing with those who've become a threat.

    The story revolves around one such psychics named Kai Kudou, who lived in Ashurum all his life with his sister who is sick. He joins AESES, the operation branch of Ashurum in gratitude for helping his sister. In doing so he comes to discover the real world, where humans hate psychics and doesn't understand why members of AESES are so ruthless to people until catastrophe strikes. Kai gets separated from AESES and is saved by Asuka Tokugawa. The real adventure begins from there.

    Now on to my review. First the story I'd give a 3/10, I'm not sure where they were trying to go with it. Were they trying to do something between the X-Men and the anime Scryed, it just didn't work. The characters I'd give 1/10, the were uninteresting cardboard cut outs I didn't care about. The animation was 8/10, I thought it looked good. Finally the music is a 8/10, it sounded good for this type of anime. Overall I'd give it a 5/10, good to look at and listen to the music, but skip the rest.moreless
  • Kai is an E'S or a person with psychic powers. He is recruted by a big comglomerate, one of twelve that now run the world. At first he is content until he learns that he is being lied to. He leaves and moves in with a handyman and his sister who likes kaimoreless

    This was a good show with well built characters and the art was simply amazing! The character voices were well done in both original Japanese and English. The art was of different types and looks almost real from paning shots. The backgrounds where veryied and not a lot of the scenery was repeated. The plots and back stories were also very well done and written. It satyed on track and didn't jump around and built suspence and mystery from the first episode. However the ending was a let down. There were only 26 episoeds but it looks and feels like there were a few more and that a piece or two is missing from the last few episodes. It does conclude but in a fashion that suggests theres more. Only a few of our questions were answered. I hope there is more to come but it doesn't look like it. All in all it was good though.moreless
  • He calls him after coming home with her. He tells him that she dont want to talk to her about things and she has not even been to the hospital for a check after loosing the baby.moreless

    He calls him after coming home with her. He tells him that she dont want to talk to her about things and she has not even been to the hospital for a check after loosing the baby. Beth wants to tell him about her secret but she decide not to even if she knows it would have helped him in this situation. he is stressed about it all because she dont like her secret. Seb tries to support her as usual and he is telling her she is not the one doing something wrong but her is. It is not he fault that she keeps on with her lies.moreless
  • The End?
    Hookay, so I just finished watching the anime and I feel somewhat cheated. The ending doesn't answer anything. They introduce all ...
  • Voice Change?
    So, does anyone know why the English voice actor for Yuuki only did the first 19 episodes? No offense to Blake Shepard, but he's n...

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