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(ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • The Upcoming New Era
      Kai attempts to get Hikaru back and must fight Maxim and Eiji to do it. Meanwhile, Shen-Lon is determined to retrieve Shin-Lu and restore her memories.
    • Collection Time
      Collection Time
      Episode 25
      As Kai and Shen-Lon make their escape from ASHURUM, Yuuki, Asuka, and Maria are confronted by an angry Kyou! Meanwhile, Eiji's plan is put through a test run...!
    • The Awakening Evil
      The Awakening Evil
      Episode 24
      In an attempt to get Hikaru back from ASHURUM, Kai confronts Eiji, who tells Kai about his shocking past! Meanwhile, Hitomi pays a visit to Dr. Asakura to discuss Eiji's plan.
    • Far Away Dawn
      Far Away Dawn
      Episode 23
      The Guerrillas attack ASHURUM, only to lose horribly. When Kai arrives, he does battle with Kyou, and manages to defeat him, but almost loses control in the process. Meanwhile, Hikaru's connection to her brother takes a turn for the worst when she tries to reach out to him and is quelled by Dr. Chigaya. Elsewhere, ASHURUM begins to move into Gald to rebuild buildings according to Eiji's plan!moreless
    • Rhapsody
      Episode 22
      Maxim and the others report back to Eiji. With Erimiya in his hands, his plan begins to move. He heads to Gald to speak with Ghibelline. Meanwhile, a wounded Maria confronts Kai!
    • Frozen Flame
      Frozen Flame
      Episode 21
      As Yuuki and Balk take on Sherry and Kyou in a fight for the possession of Erimiya's will, Maria leads Asuka to Erimiya himself. Can they arrive before Maxim kills Erimiya? Or, will Kai arrive first?
    • Desire and Destiny
      Desire and Destiny
      Episode 20
      Yuuki gets Rikumi and Bud to give he, Asuka, and Maria a ride to the Guerrillas' Base. Sherry and Kyou stay close by, even pretending to be passengers on board. Maxim, on the other hand, follows in the shadows. Meanwhile, Kai seeks help from Leonid, traveling through a tunnel that connects the church and the underground!moreless
    • Drift In The Current
      After privately revealing a shocking secret about Asuka to Yuuki, Maria takes Yuuki and Asuka out to lunch. Meanwhile, Maxim tells Sherry and Kyou to find and follow Asuka. Elsewhere, Kai returns home to an empty house...
    • As You Are Guided
      As You Are Guided
      Episode 19
      Kai asks Shen-long to hold off on taking Shin-lu back to Ashurum until they know why she'?s acting so strangely. Back at his house, Yuuki wakes up to find Maria waiting by his bed. Yuuki and the group head for the guerilla's? base, but Maria takes them on a detour to apologize to him for what happened earlier, and to tell him that Asuka is a psychic.moreless
    • Same Bed, Different Dreams
      Kai tells Ghibelline that he'll find what he wants if he leaves Raphael and the others alone. Later, he is reunited with Shin-Lu, who has strange memories of him. Meanwhile, Maria confronts Asuka, but things go sour when Maxim shows up!
    • Exodus to Light
      Exodus to Light
      Episode 17
      In an attempt to convince Raphael and the others to leave "Paradise", Kai returns to Ghibelline's compound. Can he escape again? Can he bring the children with him? Meanwhile, with a wounded Eiji, Maxim implements plans of his own.
    • Similar Calibers
      Similar Calibers
      Episode 16
      After returning to Ghibelline's compound for answers, Kai discovers that everyone working there has lost someone to ASHURUM. Later, Ghibelline requests that Kai join him and help find an item that he needs. What will Kai do?
    • Denizens of Paradise
      Kai is transported to a mysterious compound, where he meets a group of kids under the "protection" of Ghibelline. As Yuuki and the others attempt to find Kai, Kai escaped Ghibelline's compound. However, he may just end up out of the frying pan and into the fire!
    • A Lonely Shooting Star
      Kai hears a strange voice and seeks it out, only to discover a problem with his powers. Will he be able to overcome it? Or is ASHURUM's hold too strong on him? Meanwhile, Shen-Lon has his own problems with his power and with Shin-Lu.
    • Naive Passion
      Naive Passion
      Episode 13
      Kai and Asuka go on a mission to retrieve a missing cat. Meanwhile, Yuuki meets with Maria about a "magician".
    • Blind Spot
      Blind Spot
      Episode 12
      When Dzhyuma goes on a date with Asuka, Kai and Yuuki follow in an attempt to catch the men following Dzhyuma. Who is following him? And, will Dzhyuma's new device work on Kai?
    • Sweet Gloom
      Sweet Gloom
      Episode 11
      Yuuki receives a bodyguard request and sends Kai to do the job. Now Kai must protect a man named Dzhyuma. Unknown to Kai, Dzhyuma is a physic hunter! Will Kai be safe with him?
    • Rewrited Memory
      Rewrited Memory
      Episode 10
      Back in Ashurum, Shin-Lu undergoes rehabilitation oversaw by Eiji. Meanwhile, Maxim is sent on a mission and is told to bring along Shen-Lon and Shin-Lu, as well as Kyou and Sherry. Shen-Lon notices a change in Shin-Lu and is suspicious of Maxim! What is the mission? And, are Shen-Lon's suspicions correct?moreless
    • Bewitching Soul
      Bewitching Soul
      Episode 9
      Leonid asks Yuuki to ask Kai if he would dress up as a woman again to please Edgar Hanson, an arms broker who has payed Leonid in advanced. Kai reluctantly agrees, and he soon finds himself caught in the middle of a huge mess!
    • Interlude
      Episode 8
      Kai, Yuuki, and Asuka decide to eat out. They come across a famous Ramen stand, but Yuuki doesn't like the Ramen or the owner. They soon make a bet on who can make the best Ramen!
    • Purple Destiny
      Purple Destiny
      Episode 7
      Kai and Yuuki are hired by a man named Drake. Drake wants the two to prevent a crazed man pretending to be the superhero the Purple Mask from steeling Issue 1 of the Purple Mask Comic Book. When Yuuki's old partner, Leonid, shows up, the gang discover that the "Purple Mask" is a physic! Will they be able to stop him?moreless
    • Test Site Town
      Test Site Town
      Episode 6
      Kai and Yuuki have another mission. This time, they must track down a man, but are not to be seen. Unfortunately, they are caught and soon discover that the man is a Branded – a mostly cybernetic killing machine. Once he sees a person, he will hunt them until they’re dead. To make matters worse, Asuka shows up and is seen!moreless
    • Magnificent Approach
      Yuuki forces a freeloading Kai to go under cover with him to frame a crime boss and get him arrested. Reluctantly, Kai agrees, but demands to know why. What does Yuuki do for a living? Does Kai really belong outside ASHURUM’s walls?
    • At the Place He Washed Ashore
      A young woman named Asuka discovers an unconscious and weak Kai washed up on the beach. She takes him in, and he soon discovers how life really is on the outside through Asuka, Yuuki, and Dr. Asakura. Will Kai ever return to ASHURUM?
    • The Arrow That Has Been Lost
      Kai hears a young girl cry out amongst the flames of the city. He and Ruri head toward it. They mange to rescue her, but when Kai goes off to find water for her, some of the citizens attack Ruri. She picks up Kai's gun, which has no bullets, and when she fires...

      Meanwhile, Shin-Lu is attacked via the mind and is knocked out. Will she survive?moreless
    • We Are Not Here To Destroy
      The team receives a mission and must all work together. Furthermore, the mission is to be carried out outside of ASHURUM’s protective walls. Eiji gives the team guns, and tells them their assignment. What awaits them on the outside that would require psychics to use guns? And, does Kai stand a chance with only one year of training?moreless
    • A Superficial Peace
      Kai Kudou is drafted by his friend Eiji Sagimiya to join the ASHURUM special force AESES, where he will undergo intensive training and build up his psychic powers. He soon meets other psychics, but not all take a liking to him. After a year of training, Kai is tested via his first mission. Can he succeed? What are the secrets behind AESES? And, why is Eiji so interested in Kai and his sister Hikaru?moreless