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The End?

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    [1]Apr 29, 2007
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    Hookay, so I just finished watching the anime and I feel somewhat cheated. The ending doesn't answer anything. They introduce all of these characters and elements, hint at their meaning and dark pasts to keep you hooked, and then at the end, nothing is really solved and nothing makes sense. It's like they present you with this 100 piece puzzle and leave you to try to put it together. So, has anyone read the manga? Do they answer anything in that? Honestly, what were the director and script writer thinking? The anime is riddled with little inconsistensies that you can overlook becuase you think that the ending will be good enough to make them ignorable...and then the ending is just...well, it's a bunch of BLARGH.
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    Have to agree, the ending was pretty incoherent and a number of scene felt chopped and incomplete, though I still think it's a fairly good series overall.
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