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Episodes: 26 colored half-hour episodes, 1 movie Age Rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity) Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance, Shoujo High school student Hitomi is transported from Earth to the magical world of Gaea, where she meets boy prince Van Fanel, and is caught up in his quest to unite the countries of Gaea against the ominous Zaibach empire. On the way, she discovers an hidden ability and strives to unravel layers of mystery surrounding Van, his past, and the giant machine known as Escaflowne. Opening Song: "Yakusoku wa Iranai" by Maaya Sakamoto Ending Song: "Mystic Eyes" by Hiroki WadaCHARACTERS. Hitomi Kanzaki: Height: 5'3" Weight: 97lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Age: 15 Origin: Earth Hitomi is about as normal as Japanese teenage girls go with a best friend named Yukari, a spot on the high school track team, and a crush on the team's star sprinter. However, her spirited earnestness and fascination in fortune-telling (especially tarot readings and dowsing) sets her apart. Years ago, her grandmother gave her a set of tarot cards and an unusual red pendant which, along with her enigmatic visions, play a pivotal role her adventures on Earth as well as on Gaea. Van Fanel: Height: 5'5" Weight: 112lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Age: 15 Origin: Fanelia Guymelef: Escaflowne The brash young half-draconian king of Fanelia who must learn to cope with drastic changes in his life after Fanelia was destroyed by Zaibach. He pilots Escaflowne, a mystical armour, to which he is connected by blood. His destiny and Hitomi's are linked. He pilots the Ispano Guymelef Escaflowne after which the series is named. He has angel wings which allow him to fly. Allen Schezar: Height: 6' Weight: 150lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Age: 21 Origin: Asturia Guymelef: Scherazade The gallant knight of Asturia who seems to provide a foil for Van and a second potential love interest for Hitomi. He lost his younger sister, Celena, his father disappeared, and mother died shortly afterwards when he was a child. While he captures the heart of Princess Millerna of Asturia, he is a noted womanizer. He's a member of the Knight Caeli, Asturia's elite knights. A gifted (yet rebellious) swordsman at a young age, he became one of the most skilled swordsmen of Gaea under the expert tutelage of Balgus of Fanelia. Merle: Height: 5' Weight: 66lbs Hair: Pink Eyes: Brown Age: 13 Origin: Fanelia A cat-girl and childhood friend of Van. She is jealous of Van's increasingly close relationship with Hitomi, but eventually sees that Hitomi means no harm to Van and warms up to her. An orphan, she has since devotedly followed Van. Millerna Aston: Height: 5'6" Weight: 110lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Age: 15 Origin: Asturia The third princess of the kingdom of Asturia who is in love with Allen Schezar, though she is betrothed to the merchant, Dryden Fassa. Millerna's ambition was once to become a doctor but was forced to give up her medical studies by her second sister, Eries. Her eldest sister, Marlene, is deceased and was once the wife of Duke Freid and the mother of the Duke's son, Chid. Dryden Fassa: Height: 6'2" Weight: 165lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Origin: Asturia A knowledgeable, successful, and generous merchant who is also a part-time scholar. He is engaged to Millerna through his father Meiden, a friend of Asturia's king. He's perceptive and open-minded and well aware that Millerna is in love with Allen. Bornkirk: Height: n/a Weight: n/a Hair: White Eyes: Brown Age: 200+ Origin: Earth The leader of Zaibach and main antagonist of the series. He is said to be the equivalent of two hundred Earth years old and is hinted to be Isaac Newton (although this is debatable). He continually tries to see into the future with his destiny prognostication machine to create an ideal future for Gaea by unlocking the secrets of Atlantis, which Hitomi's visions of the future and Van's connection to Escaflowne continually interfere with. His idea of an ideal future is the creation of a "zone of absolute fortune", in which everyone's dreams would come true. However, it is that very power that destroyed Atlantis in the first place. Folken Fanel: Height: 6'3" Weight: 208lbs Hair: Blue Eyes: Brown Age: 25 Origin: Fanelia The Strategos (Japanese gunji or "tactician") of Zaibach, Folken is revealed to be Van's older brother and the original heir to Fanelia. He, like Van, is half Draconian and thus he also has angel wings. He originally joined Zaibach in hopes of realizing Zaibach's ideals of world free of war, but is later disillusioned and defects to those who fight Zaibach. His wings turn black, a sure sign that his life is coming to an end. As it does when he travels back to Zaibach to confront Dornkirk. Although Draconians have a long lifespan, Dornkirk's experiments have left their toll. In the earlier episodes of the series Folken is referred to as Strategos, which is the rank of Imperial advisor to Dornkirk.Countries and places: Gaea - A mystical world in the sky that Hitomi visits and where the series takes place. Earth can be seen as a moon in the sky. It was created by the Atlantians. Mystic Moon - This is what the residents of Gaea call Earth. It has a reputation for being a cursed place among the people of Gaea. It appears as though the people of Gaea know nothing about what the Earth really is, although Hitomi is hinted (and later shown) not to be the first person to come to Gaea from Earth. Fanelia - A small kingdom in Gaea ruled by the Fanel family of which Van is king. It is demolished by Zaibach near the beginning of the series and it rebuilt at the very end of the series. Fanelia bears some similarities to feudal-era Japan. Asturia - A major kingdom in Gaea that was initially allied with Zaibach before leading an alliance against them. The country is a monarchy and it's greatest warriors are known as the "Knights of Caeli". Asturia bears some resemblance to Renaissance-era Venice. Freid - A duchy in Gaea that is ruled by the Freid family. It has an ancient artifact that Dornkirk needs to complete his plan to revive the power of Atlantis. This artifacts draws the attention of Zaibach who invades Freid. Freid is said to have been based on Thailand. Zaibach - A large powerful nation ruled by Dornkirk that possesses very advanced technology. They seek to create a new era of peace by controlling the world and are led by Dornkirk. Zaibach is similar to Industrial Revolution-era England. Atlantis - An ancient, mysterious civilization on Earth that was destroyed after its inhabitants created a device to turn human will into energy. The few survivors are known as "Draconians" and live on Gaea, although it is unknown how many Draconians are left. Most of the main characters of the show visit the ruins of Atlantis late in the series.

Alex Doduk

Alex Doduk

Prince Chid



Mole Man (Japanese)

Donald Brown

Donald Brown


Kaneto Shiozawa

Kaneto Shiozawa

Zongi (Japanese)

Kouji Tsujitani

Kouji Tsujitani

Jajuka (Japanese)

Mayumi Iizuka

Mayumi Iizuka

Princess Millerna, Yukari Uchida (Japanese)

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    OMG this show was aweosme!

    I'm buying this DVD off e-bay!

    I love Von! I didn't like herminies short hair tho..And Allen was a dick!

    But van was the best! THE BEST!
  • Track star Hitomi proposes a deal to her coach and crush that if she can beat her record time at a sprint, then he would agree to kiss her. She ended up running into a prince that appeared in front of her mid sprint, and from there she was taken to Gaea.moreless

    Escaflowne is an anime that will blow you away. It's full of plot lines that have never been used, and includes characters than fully compliment and contrast each other, which keeps the show really interesting all the way through. Even the soundtrack, fully orchistrated, is insanely amazing. I have all 5 or so soundtracks myself, With dragons, highly advanced technology amist an ancient feeling atmosphere of Gaea, Escaflowne has a really original feel to it. It has satisfying serving sizes of romance, action, blood, and awesome fighting machines. I especially liked the antagonist's character, Dilandou, and how he was portrayed. This show also has a movie to it, bascially like the series rewrote, reanimated, with a lot more twists. Ive watched this show lots of times, and it's definetly worth watching.moreless
  • First shown on Fox kids heavily edited and with one hell of a catchy theme tune! but if not for Fox Kids no one would have seen this masterpiece!

    After watching it for the first time around I was hooked and spent time finding it on DVD, when I did WOW what a series the music and action, the romantic love triangle and fantastic plot. Hitomi the not so fearless leading lady is a talented tarot reader she gets taken to a strange world Gaea by a boy called Van who slays a dragon, a war has stricken the world of Gaea because of a power hungry man who wants to change the fate of the world. I recommend this series to shojo, fantasy and mecha lovers as well as casual anime watchers to pick this 90's classic.moreless
  • A brilliant anime series with an unique story-line and great charcaters. You won't regret watching it.

    From the beginning to the end, I couldn't stop watching this anime. It all begins with Hitomi Kanzaki, an average high school girl, who happens to be one of the best runner in her school. She also has the unique ability to foresee the future and a gift in fortune telling. She begins having visions of another world, and how she will encounter a mysterious knight, possibly ruler of this strange world.

    One day, all of her visions come true, as a huge dragon appears in front of her and the mysterious knight from her dream comes to save her. Hitomi manages to see the dragon's next moves, and tells the knight what to do. As soon as the dragon is defeated, both the knight and Hitomi are transported by a ray of light to the world she saw earlier in her visions.

    The knight introduces himself as Van Fanel, prince and heir to the throne of Fanelia. He is also the only one able to pilot Fanelia's ultimate weapon, the giant robot Escaflowne.

    From here and until the end, a lot of fights follow, brilliantly animated and of course a love story between the three main protagonists of the show: Hitomi, Van and Allen, a knight of Asturia. The series has a lot of twists and turns, and as soon as you think everything has been revealed, another mystery appears. But in the end everything is answered and you will be amazed of how much actually happened in the show.

    Even if it's an "old" series, the animation is great, and you won't be disappointed by it. And I can't finish this review without mentioning the superb music this show has to offer.

    This show is a must see for any anime fans out there.moreless
  • Sword play, dragons, love, science, and Atlantis could you want anything more in a series?

    Hitomi is whisked off to Gia a world that is in parallel with our own. There is one major catch though; the Earth and the Moon are visible in the sky on Gia. The world is full of creatures that are half human and half what ever you can think of, from dogs all the way to cats. Now Van is the lead character and the story mainly focuses on him and Hitomi and how they survive in a world on the brink of war. Both of these characters grow in unforeseeable ways and they become closer as time passes. This is an awesome action oriented cartoon with some Atlantean myth intertwined which could possibly explain what happened to Atlantis. So take the time and see this series it is worth it. Enjoy!moreless
  • 10:00 pm

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