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  • Season 1
    • Escaflowne The Movie
      Hitomi Kanzaki is in a very depressed mood. She only wants to sleep and fade away. Her misery summons Lord Folken who sends her to Gaea. The people of Gaea think she is the Wing Goddess, who can call upon the legendary Guymelef(mecha) Escaflowne. On Gaea, King Van, the sole survior of the White Dragon Clan, is also in a depressed state. Swearing an oath to get his revenge on the Black Dragon Clan that oblierated Van's kingdom, he lives by the sword. Now that the Wing Goddess has finally appeared, she posseses Gaea's world fate in her heart. Escaflowne will either lead Gaea to peace or total ruin.moreless
    • Eternal Love
      Eternal Love
      Episode 26
      Tarot Card: L'Amore The Fate Redirector is activated, causing the Allied Forces to fight each other. When Jajuka dies, Dilandau turns back into Serena. To protect her, Allen battles Van and ends up losing, but comes out unharmed. After the fight Van heads to Zaibach and saves Hitomi. Hitomi heads back to earth.moreless
    • Zone of Absolute Fortune
      Tarot Card: La Forza Back on Gaea, the final war begins. Using an infinitly powerful bomb, one of the allied forces wipes out most of the Zaibach Forces. Hoping to stop the chaos, Hitomi and Folken head to Zaibach. There, finding Dornkirk's Fate Machine Operating, Folken kills Dornkirk with his sword. However, the end of the sword breaks off, stabbing Folken and killing him.moreless
    • Fateful Decision
      Fateful Decision
      Episode 24
      Tarot Card: L'Eremita

      Hitomi is back on earth the day she passed out. She finds everything happening exactly like it did before. Back on Gaea, Allen's sister Serena returns, only to turn into Dilandau and disappear at her mother's grave. Van, with the help of Dornkirk's Fate Redirector makes it back to earth and he and Hitomi return to Gaea.moreless
    • Storm Premonition
      Storm Premonition
      Episode 23
      Tarot Card: La Terra/La Legge Asturia prepares for war against Zaibach and signs treaties with the neighboring countries. Zaibach launches a sneak attack on Asturia, led by Dilandau and his only remaining subordinate, Jajuka. Hitomi gets upset over Allen and Van fighting to protect her and is suddenly transported back to earth.moreless
    • The Black-Winged Angel
      Tarot Card: Il Sole Asturia decides to hold economic sanctions against Zaibach for their actions. Meanwhile, in Zaibach General Adelphos watches a strange girl and a dogman in a garden. Van hears word that Folken has returned to Fanelia, and heads there with Hitomi. However, 2 Earth Dragons arrive and split them up. After revealing his past and saving Van, Folken convinces his brother to trust him once again.moreless
    • Reaction of Fortune
      Tarot Card: Il Papa Naria and Eriya's enhanced fortune blood goes array and Naria's Guymelef crashes and is unable to make it back to Vione. However, that night Naria kidnaps Hitomi, hoping to bring her there. Van decides he'll finish this by killing his brother. He's about to when Eriya, and Naria, who let Hitomi go, stop him. The Floating Fortress crashes, but Folken escapes on the remaining Guymelef.moreless
    • False Vows
      False Vows
      Episode 20
      Tarot Card: La Luna Shortly before her marriage to Dryden, Millerna asks Hitomi to read her fortune. Seeing that Millerna is supposed to be with Allen, Hitomi changes fate so this will not be true. The wedding takes place, however during it Naria and Eriya, now with fortune enhanced blood attack. Realizing that its her fault this happened, Hitomi surrenders herself to them.moreless
    • Operation Golden Rule of Love
      Tarot Card: Il Pazzo

      Nervous about the power of Hitomi and Escaflowne, Zaibach puts in a plan led by Folken to separate them. Meanwhile, the group returns to Asturia. Millerna and Dryden decide to get married and have the ceremony soon. After Van and Hitomi argue, Zaibach uses the Fate Redirector to attract Hitomi and Allen to a bridge. There they kiss while Van watches in shock.moreless
    • Gravity of Destiny
      Gravity of Destiny
      Episode 18
      Tarot Card: Il Mondo

      Van's mother gives him a new energist before disappearing. Suddenly, Allen, Hitomi and Van are transported to Zaibach where they meet Dornkirk. Dornkirk tells them how he came to become the man we know today, then places them in a dungeon. When the sorcerers attempt to dismantle Escaflowne, Van almost dies from the pain. However, he uses his abilities to have Escaflowne escape and transport them out of Zaibach.moreless
    • The Edge of the World
      Tarot Card: La Imperatrice The Crusade makes it into the Mystic Valley. There, Van sees images of Vargas and mentors from Fanelia, Allen sees the truth about what happened to his father, and Hitomi learns from Van's mother that its her fault bad things have been happening. With her power, she has caused fate to turn for the worst. Suddenly, Naria and Eriya make it into the Mystic Valley, however Escaflowne transports everyone away.moreless
    • The Guided Ones
      The Guided Ones
      Episode 16
      Tarot Card: La Ruota Naria and Eriya report to Folken while Dilandau is taken back to Zaibach by the sorcerors. On the Crusade, Dryden leads them to the Mystic Valley while reading from a diary from Allen's father. It tells about his journey to the Mystic Valley and how he met Hitomi's grandmother years before. They reach the Mystic Vally, but the Zaibach Forces are right behind them...moreless
    • Paradise Lost
      Paradise Lost
      Episode 15
      Tarot Card: La Stella By holding on to Escaflowne, Hitomi tries to rescue Van from the world of the dead and succeeds in convincing him to come back to the world of the living. Hitomi talks to Allen and mistakingly admits to him that she has a crush on him. Upset, she goes away but is asked advice from Millerna. That night, 2 leopard women attack the Crusade in Zaibach Guymelefs but retreat because of Merle. Dryden thinks he has discovered a way to the Mystic Valley, and the Crusade heads there.moreless
    • Dangerous Wounds
      Dangerous Wounds
      Episode 14
      Tarot Card: La Veggente Van comes out of Escaflowne, seriously wounded. Hitomi realizes that Van's wounds match the damage on Escaflowne. They go and meet Dryden, who summons the Ispanos who fix Escaflowne, healing Van. Dilandau and the Dragonslayers approach the Crusade. Van heads out and kills every single one of the Dragonslayers. After seeing their ghosts Van dies, and Escaflowne collapses.moreless
    • Red Destiny / Red Fate
      Tarot Card: L' Imperatore The Freid forces at the Capital sacrifice themselves so the Duke and the others can escape. They head to Fortuna Temple, where Duke Freid tells everyone how Freid possesses the power of Atlantis, which ended up causing the destruction of that nation a countless number of years before. Hitomi finds Van fiddling around with Escaflowne and he tells her he's going to become one with it. The battle culminates at the temple and Duke Freid is killed after deciding to hand the power over to Zaibach. As Chid presents Folken with the power, the Crusade flies away. However, something's wrong with Escaflowne...moreless
    • The Secret Door
      The Secret Door
      Episode 12
      Tarot Card: Il Papessa

      Duke Freid arrives at the castle and decides to let Allen and the others help protect Freid. That night, Van asks Hitomi to predict where Zaibach will be attacking from but she refuses to help saying she doesn't want to be used at their convenience. She goes outside upset, but talks to Prince Chid and decides to give him a Tarot Reading. Meanwhile, Millerna goes to her sister's room and discovers a diary which reveals that Allen and she had a relationship, and that Allen is Chid's true father. The next day, Zaibach arrives and Freid prepares for war.moreless
    • Prophecy of Death
      Prophecy of Death
      Episode 11
      Tarot Card: Il Diavolo

      Hitomi is brought in to be interrogated by Plactu, who is really Zongi. She sees the truth about Zongi and has a vision of both of them dying. Hitomi's heart stops, but Van gives her CPR and saves her. Chid lets Van and Hitomi go look for the doppelganger, who heads to see Dilandau in a nearby temple. Dilandau kills the doppelganger then attacks Van and Hitomi when they arrive. They are able to escape and head back to Freid, where they are absolved of the charges since Plactu's corpse has been found.moreless
    • The Blue-Eyed Prince
      Tarot Card: L' Ambizione The group arrives in Freid where they meet Prince Chid, Millerna's nephew. Plactu, a powerful monk comes to Freid to interrogate Miguel, a Dragonslayer captured during the fight, but a deceptant named Zongi kills him and takes his form. He then has Miguel claim that Allen and the others are traitors who wish to take over Asturia. The Dragonslayer escapes, but his Guymelef is destroyed by Van and Zongi kills him. Van is captured and thrown in jail with the others after the fight.moreless
    • Memories of a Feather
      Tarot Card: L'Aria/La Vita

      Hitomi learns of Van's past, his mother was a Draconian, a winged descendant of the people of Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Crusade heads to Freid and Millerna leaves Asturia. On the way to Freid, Van is attacked by Dilandau and the Dragonslayers. Thanks to Allen, the Dragonslayers are defeated, but Allen sacrifices himself to save Hitomi and is seriously injured.moreless
    • The Day the Angel Flew
      Tarot Card: La Temperanza Hitomi, Merle and Van stay in the woods where Van and Hitomi talk about their family. Back in Asturia, Millerna learns of Zaibach's planned attack on the neighboring country of Freid and with Gadeth rescues Allen from the prison. Van, Merle and Hitomi find an Energist Excavation site, and Van attacks. However Hitomi is caught by them, forcing Van to surrender. When Hitomi's beeper goes off, they escape, however the ground beneath Hitomi collapses, causing her to fall into a chasm. Van jumps off of Escaflowne and sprouts wings, saving her.moreless
    • Unexpected Partings
      Tarot Card: La Carrozza Van easily defeats the 3 Guymelefs. Later he duels with Allen and afterwards Millerna and Allen kiss while Hitomi watches. Upset, she heads to her room where a group of Geckos kidnap her. Van heads out in Escaflowne and rescues her. Dilandau attacks him, burning down much of the town. Van changes Escaflowne into a dragon and escapes.moreless
    • City of Intrigue
      City of Intrigue
      Episode 6
      Tarot Card: La Giustizia The group arrives in Palas, the capital of Asturia, where they meet Millerna, the youngest princess of Asturia. Allen heads to the castle to talk to the king, who has been convinced by Folken that Allen and Fanelia are the enemy. Van sees Folken and chases after him. He meets him on a bridge, however from the Zaibach Floating Fortress above, Dilandau attempts to kill Van by shooting a Chlima Claw at him. Hitomi, who had seen a vision of Van's death saves him. Escaflowne is found by the Asturia Royal Guard and Van is forced to fight 3 other Guymelefs.moreless
    • Seal of the Brothers
      Tarot Card: Il Guidizio Van is defeated by Dilandau and brought on to the Zaibach Floating Fortress, Vione. There, Folken reveals to Van that he is his older brother. Hitomi convinces Allen of her powers and they find the Vione. They head inside to find Van. After having a vision of Van being killed by Dilandau, Hitomi rushes onto the ship and warns Van just in time to save himself and escape.moreless
    • The Diabolical Adonis
      Tarot Card: L Impiccato Hitomi passes out after her vision and is brought into the infirmary. Merle, who escaped from Fanelia also arrives ill. They gradually recover. However, invisible Zaibach Guymelefs appear once more and attack the castle. They escape on a ship, the Crusade, but the Zaibach Guymelefs fly after it. Van jumps into Escaflowne and transforms it into a dragon in order to lure them away.moreless
    • The Gallant Swordsman
      Was it all just a dream? or a vision? Fanelia burned, and in that choking heat, that boy and I were again wrapped in light and sent into the heavens. This is Gaea, a strange world where the Earth and Moon hang in the sky. Tarot card: La Morte The beam of light transporting Van, Escaflowne and Hitomi comes down to the ground, reflecting in a pair of round wire rimmed glasses. Van recognizes himself as still on Gaea, but Hitomi has landed elsewhere. She is alone in the forest and pulls out her pendant to tell her where to go, when a strange man in round wire rimed glasses attacks her, fascinated by her pendant. An owl comes to attack him, when a strange blond man comes to Hitom's rescue. Hitomi sees this man as Amano and falls into his arms crying. Van, who heard Hitomi scream when the first man attacked her, comes to find her faint in front of the blond haired man. Van challenges him to sword combat, but it outmatched. He cannot hit the strange man who fells Van without drawing blood by hitting him with the back of his blade. The blond man wonders what Van and Hitomi are doing in the middle of the woods. The leader of the enemy expedition that attacked Fanelia, Dilandau, is angry at two of his troops whose melefs were felled because Hitomi could see them. Dilandau then joins a man who sold out Fanelia named Folken in a room where they contact Emperor Dornkirk. Dornkirk tells Folken that "the dragon" has fled Fanela and that his Destiny Prognostication engine did not detect the pillar of light. He tells Folken that the new power which could do such a thing must be captured, and that the dragon can be found on the frontier of Asturia. Hitomi has a dream of sitting under a tree with Amano, where she tells him that she had a dream of Gaea. She awakes in a bed with a bunch of mercenaries gathered around a nearby fire, as well as the blond man, called Allen Shezar, who is a knight of Asturia. He says that he is the commander of that fort, and that he will proteect her. Some of his men come into the room with Van, who looks furious. They tell Allen that Hitomi is from the Mystic Moon, and Allen says that if the king of Fanelia says it is so, that it must be. Van demands the return of Escaflowne, so that he can return to Fanelia when Allen tells Van that Fanelia has been destroyed. Van is thrunderstruck, and a large fortress on a floating rock spews forth several melefs. Dilandau asks whether Allen has seen a strange melef, and Allen asks if he knows anything about the attack on Fanelia. Dilandau calls its leaders cowards, when Van, the the side of the hall says that hiding behind invisibility cloaks is cowardly. Dilandau looks over and is drawn to the strange girl standing next to Van, and Allen claims Hitomi as his lover. He kisses her, and she seems to have a crush on him, seeing a vision of Allen with a large set of wings on his back. Dilandau returns to the flying fortress, where he and Folken are talking, preparing for an attack. Hitomi does a tarot reading for Van, but Van doesn't believe that you can tell the future with cards, when she pulls out the Death card, plunging her into a vision of fire and a laughing Dilandau. The man that attacked Hitomi in the forest digs up from under the floor, where the three of them escape into the ground. The mole man claims that Hitomi's pendant caught his eye, and that is why he came to her in the forest. They find Escaflowne, and Van gets in. Meanwhile, Allen has been told that they've escaped, and shows up to confront Van in his own guymelef, Sherazade. They have a duel in an arena on the grounds, all the time being watched over by Dilandau's forces. To the shock of those manning the fort, Van holds up to Allen, even nicking Sherazade. But Allen defeats Van, distracting him with the news that Balgus was also his swordmaster. Van is pinned, and comes out of Escaflowne at the tip of Allen's sword. Hitomi approaches Van, when the heart of Escaflowne glows in her presence, and she has a vision of the fort being attacked.moreless
    • The Girl from the Mystic Moon
      Was it all just a dream? or a vision? My track captain, who I have a crush on was leaving to study abroad... That boy and a huge dragon appeared right in front of me And this strange world I find myself on, where the Earth and Moon hang in the sky... Tarot card: Il Fusco/La Luce Van and Hitomi are in the field where they landed after coming from earth in a beam of light. They are surrounded by a pack of wolf-men, when one of them recognizes Van, and offers him a ride back to his home. During the ride, he finds out that Hitomi comes from the blue moon (the earth) which hangs in the sky, called the Mystic Moon. They ride into Van's home of Fanelia, where Hitomi finds that Van is given a hero's welcome as their prince. A strange cat-girl named Merle greets Van, hugging and licking him. A council of knights comes to Van, verifying that he has completed the rite of dragonslaying. Hitomi finds herself daydreaming of home and her friends, when Merle shows up, cross at the relationship Hitomi has with Van, and steals Hitomi's pendant. They run through the halls of the palace when Hitomi is distracted by a sight through a door. Van and the knight Balgus are practicing sword technique. Balgus rebukes Van for not attacking agressively enough. Van balks at swordfighting, and he expresses his reservations about becoming king. Manwhile, the caravan of wolf men leave Fanelia, smell something in the forest, but think nothing of it. We then see shimmers and a piece of hardware sticking out of the trees, while Van is coronated as the king of Fanelia. Guards at the main gate see shimmers across the ground, when they are attacked by large robot warriors - guymelefs - with invisibility cloaks. The city tries to fight off the intruders, but are unable to fight an invisible enemy. Fanelia's knights, in their own melefs, quickly fall to the enemies, while Van goes to get his own melef Escaflowne. Hitomi recognizes Escaflowne from her first vision when she fainted, and helps Van fend off the invaders. She divines the presence of the enemies, warning Van of their position. Van successfully destroys a few of these invaders with the help of the knight Balgus. Balgus tells Van to flee with Hitomi, but is killed soon thereafter. His last instruction is to take Escaflowne and flee, to return and rebuild Fanelia another day. Van is soon surrounded by the enemy, but Hitomi's pendant alights, and she, Van and Escaflowne are fleeted away in a beam of light.moreless
    • Fateful Confession
      Was it all just a dream? Or a vision? No, it all really happened, all right. It all began on that day I asked the tarot cards if I'd find love. Tarot card: La Torre Kanzaki Hitomi is a normal girl. She runs on the track team, is late for practice as usual, has a crush on the team captain, Amano, and she can read fortunes using her tarot cards. Today, during a time trial in the 100m dash, she has a vision of a strange young man with a sword and strange looking armour. She runs into the apparition, and falls into a dream of burning battlefields with large mechanical fighters, and an initiation ceremony of some sort. She awakes to find herself in a nurse's room with the track team captain. She and Amano count the seconds with the pendant she wears around her neck, which leads to an intimate moment interrupted by her best friend Yukari. Yukari and Hitomi walk home, and along the way, Yukari breaks the news that Amano is rumoured to be leaving the country before the prefectural track meet. Yukari urges Hitomi to do a reading on her relationship. Hitomi sees a future of separation, and asks Amano to time her at the 100: If she can beat the 13 second barrier in her running, she would like him to give her her first kiss. That evening, Amano and Yukari meet Hitomi at the track, when the young man she saw in her vision appears again. Hitomi runs into him, and instead of falling into a dream, bounces off the young man in the flesh and blood. She talks to the young man, though her friends cannot understand his gibberish. Hitomi learns that his name is Van Fanel. Van claims that he is fighting a dragon, and sure enough, a large land dragon appears. Hitomi, Amano and Yukari run off to a shrine in the mountains, and the dragon follows them, with Van in close pursuit. Hitomi, Amano and Yukari watch the fight from the shrine, when Hitomi has a vision of the dragon piercing Van with his tail, killing him. Hitomi runs to his aid, where he narrowly averts death, slicing the beast through its belly and killing it. Van opens its chest, taking out what looks like a stone heart, and the dragon falls to dust, blowing off in the wind. Van and Hitomi have an argument when the dragon's heart, called an energist, glows, activating a pillar of light that lifts Hitomi and Van into the sky. Van and Hitomi reappear on a strange world, where the earth sits in the sky. They stand in a field, and are surrounded by beasts. Hitomi realizes that her fortune of separation is not because of Amano moving, but due to her leaving earth.moreless
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