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    OMG this show was aweosme!

    I'm buying this DVD off e-bay!

    I love Von! I didn't like herminies short hair tho..And Allen was a dick!

    But van was the best! THE BEST!
  • Track star Hitomi proposes a deal to her coach and crush that if she can beat her record time at a sprint, then he would agree to kiss her. She ended up running into a prince that appeared in front of her mid sprint, and from there she was taken to Gaea.

    Escaflowne is an anime that will blow you away. It's full of plot lines that have never been used, and includes characters than fully compliment and contrast each other, which keeps the show really interesting all the way through. Even the soundtrack, fully orchistrated, is insanely amazing. I have all 5 or so soundtracks myself, With dragons, highly advanced technology amist an ancient feeling atmosphere of Gaea, Escaflowne has a really original feel to it. It has satisfying serving sizes of romance, action, blood, and awesome fighting machines. I especially liked the antagonist's character, Dilandou, and how he was portrayed. This show also has a movie to it, bascially like the series rewrote, reanimated, with a lot more twists. Ive watched this show lots of times, and it's definetly worth watching.
  • First shown on Fox kids heavily edited and with one hell of a catchy theme tune! but if not for Fox Kids no one would have seen this masterpiece!

    After watching it for the first time around I was hooked and spent time finding it on DVD, when I did WOW what a series the music and action, the romantic love triangle and fantastic plot. Hitomi the not so fearless leading lady is a talented tarot reader she gets taken to a strange world Gaea by a boy called Van who slays a dragon, a war has stricken the world of Gaea because of a power hungry man who wants to change the fate of the world. I recommend this series to shojo, fantasy and mecha lovers as well as casual anime watchers to pick this 90's classic.
  • A brilliant anime series with an unique story-line and great charcaters. You won't regret watching it.

    From the beginning to the end, I couldn't stop watching this anime. It all begins with Hitomi Kanzaki, an average high school girl, who happens to be one of the best runner in her school. She also has the unique ability to foresee the future and a gift in fortune telling. She begins having visions of another world, and how she will encounter a mysterious knight, possibly ruler of this strange world.
    One day, all of her visions come true, as a huge dragon appears in front of her and the mysterious knight from her dream comes to save her. Hitomi manages to see the dragon's next moves, and tells the knight what to do. As soon as the dragon is defeated, both the knight and Hitomi are transported by a ray of light to the world she saw earlier in her visions.
    The knight introduces himself as Van Fanel, prince and heir to the throne of Fanelia. He is also the only one able to pilot Fanelia's ultimate weapon, the giant robot Escaflowne.
    From here and until the end, a lot of fights follow, brilliantly animated and of course a love story between the three main protagonists of the show: Hitomi, Van and Allen, a knight of Asturia. The series has a lot of twists and turns, and as soon as you think everything has been revealed, another mystery appears. But in the end everything is answered and you will be amazed of how much actually happened in the show.
    Even if it's an "old" series, the animation is great, and you won't be disappointed by it. And I can't finish this review without mentioning the superb music this show has to offer.
    This show is a must see for any anime fans out there.
  • Sword play, dragons, love, science, and Atlantis could you want anything more in a series?

    Hitomi is whisked off to Gia a world that is in parallel with our own. There is one major catch though; the Earth and the Moon are visible in the sky on Gia. The world is full of creatures that are half human and half what ever you can think of, from dogs all the way to cats. Now Van is the lead character and the story mainly focuses on him and Hitomi and how they survive in a world on the brink of war. Both of these characters grow in unforeseeable ways and they become closer as time passes. This is an awesome action oriented cartoon with some Atlantean myth intertwined which could possibly explain what happened to Atlantis. So take the time and see this series it is worth it. Enjoy!
  • This series focuses on the heroine, Hitomi Kanzaki, a high school girl who dreams of true love and her adventures after she is taken to the world of Gaea, a mysterious planet where she can see Earth and its moon in the sky.

    The Vision of Escaflowne (Teuku no Escaflowne) is a 26 episode anime that had received a cut and paste job in America, due to the Fox networks infamy in canceling girl oriented shows ( that weren‘t too high on the sexual innuendo), or just canceling in general. The fact remains that in the emergence of Japanese influence in western culture, Escaflowne was one of the first (and direly under appreciated) Anime’s along with Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. It was written by Kazuki Akane and premiered in Japan in 1996. In the weaving of the overall story line, it integrates the popular anime/manga genres: Shojo, Shounen, mecha and romance etc. This series focuses on the heroine, Hitomi Kanzaki, and her adventures after she is taken to the world of Gaea. Hitomi is a track sprinter at school and practices tarot card reading as a hobby. A dimensional rift opens a fabric of reality between her world and the world of Gaea. In Fanelia (one of the main kingdoms of Gaea) Prince Van is in the middle of ritual ascension ( in this case dragon slaying) and Hitomi is dragged into Van's world after saving his life.( When he’s teleported to earth along with the dragon) Through her time in Gaea her latent psychic abilities manifest to allow her senses to find people or destinations through dowsing and accurately read the future through tarot card reading.
    After that brief summary (since I can only have 255 words above -_-) I have to say that the reason this show is a classic to me, is because it’s way ahead of its time in its genre. All elements of it, (even the horrid overdub by some actors) I adore. It has a great mix of elements and wonderful character interaction that leaves you begging for more. It has tastefully done love triangles, probably the most intense mecha battle sequences ( yeah, sorry Gundam) and a wonderfully orchestrated score by Yoko Kanno. My love for it transcended time, for I was a witness to Fox’s mutilation of the measly 5 episodes they showed before they axed it. I managed to watch bits and pieces of it on Cartoon Network (due to some very nice friends with cable) and I recently bought all 26 episodes and the full length feature film (that is equally as good). The only qualm I have with this series, Is the ending where viewers are DENINED of a decent ending. Thank you Bandai for cutting out the (supposed) 4 eps. that come after the 26th. Till this day Escaflowne has a high cult following, and I suggest it to anyone whose willing to agonize and write fan fiction to get over the ending! Van and Hitomi forever! :D
  • Hitomi Kanzaki has hit a new high. She has just confessed her love for a fellow student Amano. But her arrival in Gaea gets in the way of her relationship.

    There is almost nothing this series lacks. Great characters, a running romance, great plot, mystery and above all excellent fight sequences. Set in the world of Gaea, the series chronicles the adventures of Hitomi and the male protagonist o the series, the prince Van Fanel. Starting with their meeting, the story picks up as the omnipotent Zaibach Empire destroys Van's homeland. Pursed by his own brother and a maniacal general, Hitomi and Van traverse Gaea with no certain objective. In addition to the mystery of Van's heritage, the series has a supporting cast of equally interestingly troubled characters. And now the best part, the Guymelefs. Huge seemingly robotic battle armor. The series is named after Van’s Guymelefs, Escaflowne. And, even though a lot of fighting is done mono a mono, the Guymelef battles are a large part of the fights. The animation is very good, with the slight exception of the characters having funnily shaped noses. Overall, a great show!
  • Escaflowne was created in 1999 and aired for 3 years, it was never made again because of the limited power anime had over the world at that time.

    Escaflowne was a fantasy aired before the year 2000. It aired 26 of the most magical episodes ever aired in the centuray, it gave the viewer something to says \"wow!\" about, the one thing i found they could of changed is the more detail they used in the actual animetion of the project. Sfter they finished drawing every movement piece by piece, the power of tv was limited. If ecsaflowne was to come back once more it could be made into a better version on the animes that are out there today! The only reason they never made anymore episodes is only because of the limited power anime had over the world at that time. So lets bring it back!
  • Dragons, Portals, Hybrid creatures. What else do you want?

    This is an absolutely amazing movie. i found that the beginnning a lil slow though (Not the head slicing part, the one when she was on the roof). although this is made up for when she is transported into the other world. from here on out it is nothing but action. i found that it had an excellent plot but they had made it go way to fast. this type of plot would have been excellent in a series or even a longer movie. But instead they had to put all that information in suck a short amount of time. still i enjoyed watching this and found it to be a completely awesome show.

    The Fitz's rating.
    A Must See
  • vision of escaflowne is the best.i hope it continues with hitomi and van and make us imagining more.i hope we see soon hitomi in the university having adventures with van because a new vision .and why not get married i mean hitomi becoming mrs van fane

    i like the serie very much .i hope it contiinues because it is original and wonderful.and i wnt we meet hitomi s brother and that van come to the earth and wear school clothes.i hope to to see him with hitomi in valentines day changing presents.i wish shoji kawamori will share the dream with us every saturday i follow the news in to know the new about my favourite persons hitomi and van and hoping that my dream will realise.come one shoji kawamori you make us very happy with that serie don t end it like that .please continue with hitomi and van.i really become jalous to know that some series like sayuki continue but nothing about hitomi and van.
  • Vision of Escaflowne is yet another great Japanese Animation series! The storyline and animation is very good! From the very beginning, Escaflowne achieves the feeling of escaping to fantastic world with large heaping spoonfuls of pure atmosphere.

    This is the story of Hitomi Kanzaki's unexpected journey to the other-dimensional world of Gaea, a place where the Earth and the Moon hang in the sky. Unintentionally brought there by Van Fanel, the young king of a ravaged kingdom, Hitomi is thrown into the middle of Van's battle against a devastating enemy that wants to save the people of Gaea from themselves, and will destroy anyone who gets in their way to do it. Hitomi and Van are accompanied by the handsome knight of the high skies, Allen Schezar, the beautiful and independent Princess Millerna Aston, and Van's devoted companion (and Hitomi's greatest irritant), the cat-girl Merle. During their journey, they meet many other fascinating people from whom they receive sometimes unexpected, assistance. Hitomi, Van and their comrades try to keep one step ahead of the treacherous Zaibach Empire and prevent them from gaining control of Escaflowne, the legendary defender of Van's people. Struggling through one battle after another, while at the same time, dealing with their own personal demons; they are forced to confront harsh truths about the people and ways of life they thought they could believe in, faced with the consequences of choices made in the past, and trying to cope with their own, sometimes confusing, emotions, they search for a way to defeat the Zaibach forces. None of them realizing, just how much impact those other, seemingly less important conflicts will have on the outcome of the war they are fighting!
  • a great show if somehow your able to watch it you should and you should show it to others cause its great and you should also rent the movie

    underapreciated it sucks that such a kick butt show is taken of the air without letting the viewers even see the finnaly i watched every episode that aired and it was a kool story "was it a dream or a vision no it was real"just like it is real that escaflowne was an awesome show
  • ONE of the best shows until it come off air!! why why why why!!!! oh ya and don't for get to check out the Escaflowne movie!!! witch is about the same thing but the characters look different for the way that look in ther t.v series and von looks CUTER!!!!

    This series is a classic.It has many unique and well developed characters and lots of action. Although containing mecha elements,the series lends itself to non-mecha fans with it's encompassing destiny romance story.The music is nice.The art is good,The series was a great length too.Not too short or too long.Another must see! The series also has a movie,which is good,however I recommend seeing the series before the movie in order to prevent total confusion.
  • I want to give a big "Thank You" hug to Fox Kids for absolutely ruining a masterpiece. Anything else you want to ruin while you're at it? The original Japanese version is brilliant, check it out if you get a chance. Leave the English dub al

    Scenery, Fantasy, Romance, Swordplay, War, Death...

    Escaflowne has it all, and much more!

    The series focuses on Hitomi Kanzaki, a young teen struggling with the usual issues. She has a crush on the track captain, hangs out with her best friend, and has an uncanny knack with Tarot readings. Okay, that last one is a little unusual...

    Soon, however, Hitomi gets transported to the world of Gaia by Van, the prince of Fanelia. Gaia is a world being caught in the turmoil of war and oppresion, and Hitomi and Van are soon caught in the middle.

    That's the gist, but Escaflowne has so much added flavor in terms of character development, scenery, and culture. The world of Gaia is rooted in European and Middle Eastern culture, as evidenced through the costumes, archetecture, and music.

    Oh, did someone say music? The beautiful score, composed by Yoko Kanno, is certainly a major highlight of the series. Kanno redefines the role of music in television, and score defies being just another part of the background scenery, adding depth to every moment.

    It's so difficult to define and describe such an amazing series in just a simple review. The Vision of Escaflowne is a visually and emotionally stunning series, and has a tight story. There are no filler episodes here. I personally believe that the show is for everybody, so please check it out if you get a chance.
  • An anime like no other. Combining action, romance and great character development to make it one of the best anime's ever.

    I still remember back when this show used to air on FOX. The very first time I saw it, I knew that it was going to be a classic. The story's about a girl named Hitomi, who gets transported to the world of Gaea via a magical beam. She meets the swordsman Van, along with a bunch of other characters. All the characters are extremely memorable and are realistic. The music in the series is superb, each track matches the scene it's played in perfectly. The series contains alot of action in it also. As soon as you start watching the series, you won't be able to put it down. And by the time you're finished, you'll be stunned and you'll get such high expectations for other shows. If you are looking for a great anime to watch, you should pick this no doubt about it. And I promise you, you won't regret it.
  • An amazing anime.A really greta show ! ! It mixes history , magic , technology , a bit of medieval ages , romance and comedy . Everything an good anime needs .

    An amazing anime . A really greta show ! ! It mixes history , magic , technology , a bit of medieval ages , romance and comedy .
    Everything an good anime needs .
    i watched this show in japenese and saw the movie so id o get the picture of it but i wish i had watched it in english ! ! it would have had been so much easier ! !
  • clasic story of a girl being transported to a different world and meeting a hot guy that she teams up with to help distory the evil of that place

    one of the best anime shows ever!!! i started watching it when i was little and i liked it so much that i bought it. it is a really great show. i have never seen the movie but i heard that it was really different and more violent than that show so i don't know if i would like it as much as the show....
  • this show should have become an instant classic.

    i don't know why this show was canceled because it was an incredilbley good show. it ha an excellent plot and left you asking for more. whats worse is that it was canceled about half way through the show so it like a cliff hanger. unfortunatley for some people they did not get to see the end of the series but i know an anime freak so i saw it all.
  • Magical show with mechs and love.

    I fell in love with this show when i first saw it on saturday morning cartoons. I then went out and bought the show to see the rest and was not disappointed at all when I finished it. The story involves many elements some might find cliche, but I think it attains a nice balance.
  • A fresh of breath air from all the Gundam series being released.

    I must admit, what started off as a generic mecha series turned into a rather interesting anime that got me hooked until the very end. Lately, all the good mecha shows I've watched started out as an average mecha vs. mecha/monster show, then ended up carrying a deep storyline with so many twists and turns with deep moral messages. Our protagonist Hitomi randomly envisions images of the future that are quite accurate. There's one vision where she pictures a world which is ruled by giant robots and flying fortresses. Moments later, a knight named Van, who was in the process of completing his ritual of dragon slaying, magically found his way to earth, along with the dragon. Before it happened, Hitomi predicted Van's death, which prevented it from ever happening. The same blue pillar of light that transported Van to earth had transported both Hitomi and Van to his world of Gaea. When they both arrive at Van's castle, the Zaibach empire had burned it down, scattering all of Fanelia around the world. Now, Hitomi, Van and another knight named Allen are chasing down the empire in order to stop them from grasping Atlantis's secret weapon.

    Like most animes, Escaflowne takes a while to get real interesting. In the beginning, you try so hard not to loose interest, but sometimes you do, and you find it a chore watching each episode as you advance with the series. What does redeem the first half of Escaflowne is the fighting. The battle performance of the guymelef (the name given to the mechas) reflects on the swordsmanship of its user, which makes Escaflowne one of the most exciting mecha series in terms of fights. I mean, how exciting is it to see mechas use swords over guns? The story is so original, and it's quite cleverly plotted. It mainly revolves around destiny, fate, and changing them both to your will. There's also a message of life theme which is tapped onto in the final episode. Basically, it tells you that you have to look deep into both situations to see which is truly more moral, and not join one side in an instance because you were rooted with it.

    What's also quite interesting in this series is the setting. It's set in Gaea, which resembles a post 1700 era, so you can surely expect many medievil related things, such as western castles, knights honour, princesses, royal clothing, etc. What's even more appealing is the guymelefs themselves. Unlike in Evangelion and Gundam, the mechas here are about the size of a four story building, which I prefer more. The only thing about Escaflowne's setting that bothers me is its location in the universe. The earth and moon can be seen as we see the moon from the earth. Though if the earth can be seen from Gaea in that distance, wouldn't the powerhouse nations occupy it? (It's modern times in earth, so it makes sense). And shouldn't Hitomi and everyone else on the earth be able to see Gaea as well? But oh well, just a minor setback that shouldn't really be worked up as much.

    Besides the minor scientifically inaccurate distancing of planets, the only other major problem I had with Escaflowne was its character design. The mechas are crisp and wonderfully animated, and the backgrounds are quite beautiful, but the noses! They're so pointy! Maybe I should just single it out to just the noses, because they're truly bothersome. Over the course of the show, you'll adapt to the awkward noses, because the main cast is very memorable. Van is a distinct character who appears to share the same badass attitude of Inuyasha, but soon realizes from his brother, who's working for Zaibach, that it's his anger and fury that's evil, and not his enemies. Folken, Van's evil brother, is a man that shows no emotion in his face, but truly cares for those who works for him, as well as those who are against him. Dilandau, the leader of the dragonslaying group hunting down Van and Escaflowne (Van's guymelef) throughout the show, is a sensitive, yet aggressive leader that has a dark past even secret to him. Allen isn't quite unique compared to other supporting characters of his style, but comes in handy later on with the many family relations that twist his mind, which opens up for some twisting and turning.

    Besides the show's plot, the music and sounds are quite awe-inspiring, and second only to the show's story when you categorize Escaflowne's best points. The battle theme combines orchestrated music with vocals, which makes the fighting more epic, and the journey more daring. Escaflowne isn't like many other animes in its genre. Don't be fooled by the character's pointy noses, because this is a quality show just waiting to be seen!
  • An amazing anime. "An Epic!" It mixes Magic, technology, history, a bit of medieval ages, romance and comedy. Everything an good anime needs. ;)

    An Epic.
    That's what i can say about "The Vision of Escaflowne".
    I gave a copy of the entire anime to my brother and he enjoyed so much that he always carries it with him.
    Spread out to his friends and even more.
    Escaflowne's an excellent anime that mixes romance and comedy, Cience, Magic, History, and faith...

    With cativating characters...
    Van Slanzar de Fanel, Kanzaki Hitomi, Merle, Folken Lacour de Fanel, Allen Schezar, Milerna and many others.

    That's a "masterpiece" anime.
  • The series as a whole (not the Fox Kids version) was just unbelieveable. Never have I seen such a combination of fantasy worlds and creatures beyond your imagination tied into a deeply tragic and romantic struggle of life and love.

    The series as a whole (not the Fox Kids version) was just unbelieveable. Differing greatly from its original manga "Vision of Escaflowne", it gives you a new look at a classic story or war and love. Never have I seen such a combination of fantasy worlds and creatures beyond your imagination tied into a deeply tragic and romantic struggle of life and love. One girl changes the entire fate of a world with her hopes and dreams, what we all strive to do with our own aspirations. A lot of us can relate to the love triagle brewing in this story, the man reminiscant of an old flame and the thrillingly charming young boy who never ceases to amaze; if I were Hitomi, I'd have a hard time choosing too! Escaflowne has something for everyone: epic battles that will please the tastes of any violent-hearted guy, hopeless romances that will bring tears to the eyes of every rabid fangirl, elaborately gorgeous scenery and character designs to blow the minds of sci-fi lovers alike. There's a character for everyone in this story, from the pyromaniacs to the noble souls; from catty and spunky rebels to those who never give up the fight for what is right. If you don't like this anime, you must have seen the Fox Kids version, go get the uncut series right now! XD
  • A show that brings different art style to anime

    Escaflowner was well really a good show. It brought a different style to anime. And what I mean by that was their noses. Because they were more similar to real life ones. This show was real cool and had a decent plot line. I have all the episodes on my computer and watch them every once and awhile. I recomend watching this!