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  • Track star Hitomi proposes a deal to her coach and crush that if she can beat her record time at a sprint, then he would agree to kiss her. She ended up running into a prince that appeared in front of her mid sprint, and from there she was taken to Gaea.

    Escaflowne is an anime that will blow you away. It's full of plot lines that have never been used, and includes characters than fully compliment and contrast each other, which keeps the show really interesting all the way through. Even the soundtrack, fully orchistrated, is insanely amazing. I have all 5 or so soundtracks myself, With dragons, highly advanced technology amist an ancient feeling atmosphere of Gaea, Escaflowne has a really original feel to it. It has satisfying serving sizes of romance, action, blood, and awesome fighting machines. I especially liked the antagonist's character, Dilandou, and how he was portrayed. This show also has a movie to it, bascially like the series rewrote, reanimated, with a lot more twists. Ive watched this show lots of times, and it's definetly worth watching.