Season 1 Episode 23

Storm Premonition

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2001 on FOX
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Storm Premonition
Tarot Card: La Terra/La Legge Asturia prepares for war against Zaibach and signs treaties with the neighboring countries. Zaibach launches a sneak attack on Asturia, led by Dilandau and his only remaining subordinate, Jajuka. Hitomi gets upset over Allen and Van fighting to protect her and is suddenly transported back to earth.moreless

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    Kirby Morrow

    Kirby Morrow

    Van Fanel

    Venus Terzo

    Venus Terzo

    Princess Millerna

    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil


    Michael Dobson

    Michael Dobson

    Dryden, Bronze General, Adelfos, Plactu, Gaou

    Andrew Francis

    Andrew Francis

    Dilandau Albatou, Young Van

    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman

    Emperor Dornkirk

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Goof: After the fight with Dilandau/Jajuka at Rampant, Van looks up at the floating fortress. The energists on Escaflowne's shoulders are red instead of their usual green.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Van : Well if you don't fight, you're just waiting to be killed

      • (while fighting with Van) Dilandau: Nice, Van! This is great!
        Van: Why is this guy so bloodthirsty?
        Dilandau: Can't you hear my heart pounding!?!?

      • Dilandau: Where am I?
        Jajuka: You are on the floating fortress, Delate.
        Dilandau: Delate? Where's Shesta?
        Jajuka: He is dead.
        Dilandau: And where's Gatty?
        Jajuka: He too is dead.

      • Folken: I see. Van.
        Hitomi: I just thought I'd try and straighten things out between you two, that's all.
        Folken: Van never changes, does he?
        Hitomi: Why can't I get through to him?

      • Van: You know, Dryden, Zaibach might attack us while we're doing this.
        Dryden: Seems your mind is always on war, isn't it Van?
        Van: Well, if you don't fight, you're just waiting to be killed.
        Dryden: You soldiers are a strange bunch. Can't you think any other way?

      • Dilandau:(to Van) Who would have thought that you'd be here?
        Van: The Red Guymelef...
        Dilandau: It's been a while. Let's play!

      • Hitomi: (To Van) I saw it! You enjoyed fighting! I don't want you to protect me if that's what it does to you! I'm sick of all this fighting... I'm sick of this world!
        Van: Hitomi!
        Hitomi: Someone, send me back! Send me back to my world!
        (A bright light appears around her)

      • Dilandau: Jajuka... Is my new Guymelef read?
        Jajuka: Yes sir.
        Dilandau: (Laughs) I haven't fought in a long time. I'm looking forward to this.

      • Soldier: The armies of Daedalus and Cesario, and even Basram... Looks like this gonna be the first Great War in Gaea's history.

      • Hitomi: (Monolouging) Folken's arrival changed everything. It proved everyone's suspicions about Zaibach, and Asturia formed a military alliance with her neighboring countries. Asturia took in Folken to obtain information on Zaibach. But Van still didn't trust him.

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