Season 1 Episode 23

Storm Premonition

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Folken, who has changed sides, attends a conference in Astoria, and addresses a meeting in a hall with raked seating. Van seems less than delighted. The citizens are clearing away the wreckage left after the Zaibach attack. Merle, Hitomi, and the others are doing what they can to help those left homeless or hungry. In a church packed with refugees, Merle and Hitomi do their usual sniping at each other.

Hitomi has sharp words with Allen, and ends by saying she'll return by herself.

Hitomi goes running, and then has a conversation with Folken. An Astorian airship enters a large below-ground base.

Hitomi and Allen meet. Allen confesses that he is the father of Prince Sid (of Freid province). He says that he now loves Hitomi and wants to marry her.

Dilandau, now more unbalanced than ever, asks the dog-warrior Jajuka what has become of his (Dilandau's) companions. To each name, Jajuka replies that that person is dead. Dilandau calls for his gaimelf.

On the Crusade, Allen tells Van that he wants to marry Hitomi

Hitomi helps Mirena hang out some washing, and asks her if she can speak as a friend. Rather hesitantly, she asks Mirena if she thinks Allen is a bit of a playboy. Mirena doesn't give a clear answer, but from her manner it's evident that Mirana still likes Allen very much.

The Zaibach mount an attack on the Astorians' base while Van & co are still on their way to reinforce it. They see the attack from the air, and Allen says that he'll use the Scherezade gaimelf. Van descends separately in/on Escaflowne. Dilandau, in the red gaimelf, causes a good deal of trouble.

Van engages Dilandau, as does Allen, and between them they gradually get the upper hand.

Meanwhile Hitomi senses the battle in progress, and wonders who will die this time. She senses her champions giving way to hatred and calls on them to stop.

Dilandau who is now (yet again) panicking, is about to be killed by Van, when Jajuka interposes himself, and the Zaibach's Fortune Control machine activates, whisking Dilandau away to safety. He is followed by Jajuka.

As the battle ends, Hitomi is exclaiming about what she can't see. After the battle, Hitomi goes to see Van and Allen, and protests about the way Van gave way to rage during the battle. She tells them that it is better if she returns to the Illusory Moon. And she does! She disappears in a beam of light (how does she do that!?) and wakes up in the sickroom of her school, just as if she had merely fainted during a race.