Season 1 Episode 23

Storm Premonition

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: After the fight with Dilandau/Jajuka at Rampant, Van looks up at the floating fortress. The energists on Escaflowne's shoulders are red instead of their usual green.

  • Quotes

    • Van : Well if you don't fight, you're just waiting to be killed

    • (while fighting with Van) Dilandau: Nice, Van! This is great!
      Van: Why is this guy so bloodthirsty?
      Dilandau: Can't you hear my heart pounding!?!?

    • Dilandau: Where am I?
      Jajuka: You are on the floating fortress, Delate.
      Dilandau: Delate? Where's Shesta?
      Jajuka: He is dead.
      Dilandau: And where's Gatty?
      Jajuka: He too is dead.

    • Folken: I see. Van.
      Hitomi: I just thought I'd try and straighten things out between you two, that's all.
      Folken: Van never changes, does he?
      Hitomi: Why can't I get through to him?

    • Van: You know, Dryden, Zaibach might attack us while we're doing this.
      Dryden: Seems your mind is always on war, isn't it Van?
      Van: Well, if you don't fight, you're just waiting to be killed.
      Dryden: You soldiers are a strange bunch. Can't you think any other way?

    • Dilandau:(to Van) Who would have thought that you'd be here?
      Van: The Red Guymelef...
      Dilandau: It's been a while. Let's play!

    • Hitomi: (To Van) I saw it! You enjoyed fighting! I don't want you to protect me if that's what it does to you! I'm sick of all this fighting... I'm sick of this world!
      Van: Hitomi!
      Hitomi: Someone, send me back! Send me back to my world!
      (A bright light appears around her)

    • Dilandau: Jajuka... Is my new Guymelef read?
      Jajuka: Yes sir.
      Dilandau: (Laughs) I haven't fought in a long time. I'm looking forward to this.

    • Soldier: The armies of Daedalus and Cesario, and even Basram... Looks like this gonna be the first Great War in Gaea's history.

    • Hitomi: (Monolouging) Folken's arrival changed everything. It proved everyone's suspicions about Zaibach, and Asturia formed a military alliance with her neighboring countries. Asturia took in Folken to obtain information on Zaibach. But Van still didn't trust him.

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