Escape from Jupiter

ABC1 (ended 1994)


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Escape from Jupiter

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Perhaps loosely based on the classic Robert A. Heinlein young adult novel "Farmer in the Sky," Escape from Jupiter is a space adventure television series about a small group of children from a mining colony on Jupiter's moon, Io, who are forced to flee when a volcanic eruption destroys their world. With a few adult survivors, they seek shelter on the derelict space station KL5, floating above Io, convert it into a jerry-rigged spacecraft, and head off in a desperate attempt to reach Earth. They share many adventures and form close friendships on the dangerous journey. Escape from Jupiter concerned a small colony of humans on the moon of Io. Michael has never been to Earth - he was born in space, and has spent most of his time on Io, where his father works for a mining company. Kumiko is a computer genius, is the same age as Michael, and her goal in life is to become a scientist. After one of Io's frequent and destructive volcanoes erupts, destroying the mining colony, a group of five children and their parents, including Michael and Kumiko, decide that their only hope of survival is to head back to Earth in the only method of transport available to them - derelict space station KL5. They convert it into a makeshift spacecraft and start off on their desperate attempt at escape, an attempt which is fraught with danger and seems unlikely to succeed. But it's the only chance they have. There was a sequel series called Return To Jupiter.moreless