Escape to Chimp Eden

Season 2 Episode 20

Eugene Goes Wild

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With the ultimate goal of returning chimps to the wild, Eugene travels to the Lekedi Reserve in Gabon, a central African Country with extensive wilderness and more animals than people. Lekedi appears to be prime chimp habitat, the place where he might create a "launch into the wild" camp to prepare his chimps for the future. This is Eugene's first encounter with chimps in their natural surroundings and he gains valuable insight that should help him achieve his ultimate dream: to set once captive chimps free, to live as they were meant to live. As he leaves the reserve, he spots a chained-up chimp used as a tourist attraction, and hopes to be able to return and rescue her.moreless
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Aug 11, 2013
Bring the show back at least an update show
Oct 06, 2015
Please bring it back. I have watched most shows a couple times hoping to catch new ones. Eugene and his family are very special people. Phillip and the others working there are too. Really wish I could go to South Africa and see it with my own eyes.

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