Season 1 Episode 5

He Rises on Sunday and We on Monday

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 1963 on NBC

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  • A coded message can prevent the Easter Rising in Dublin on Easter Monday, 1916, and the certain bloodshed that will follow if it goes ahead. But is it the right message?

    So many American accounts of the Irish "troubles" are oversimplified and sentimentalised that it is a real surprise to find this American-scripted episode so tough-minded and even-handed. The cold, fanatical ruthlessness of the IRA leader (a brilliant Patrick Troughton) extends as easily to those on his own side as to the British - it leads to the capture of Sir Roger Casement - and his willingness to sacrifice his own life seems obscene rather than courageous. A very fine scene between Troughton and Billie Whitelaw (as his shrewd, long-suffering wife) makes it clear that his patriotism and political fervour have been born, not out of principle, but from a deep-seated, hitherto unadmitted, sense of his own inadequacy. The British, for once, don't come off badly; and the needless loss of life at the end seems anything but heroic.
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