Season 1 Episode 20

Snow on Mount Kama

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 1964 on NBC

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  • Will the new leader of an emergent African nation be an old-style nationalist and "man of the people" (once called a terrorist) or a western-educated intellectual (who might be a communist)? And will white settlers accept either one without a fight?

    Thorny matters of African independence are the concern of this tough-minded episode, whose plot bears some resemblance to what had then been quite recent events in Africa's history. The examination of British racism and racial condescension is pretty sharp - it's not only the foul-mouthed old-style settlers who are at fault, but even the liberal hero (Nigel Davenport), who shows a tendency to under-rate the shrewd veteran Kama simply because the latter, unlike his younger rival Ngai, hasn't had the benefit of a British education. However, the prevailingly cool view of British colonialism and its patronising preconceptions is, at the end, mitigated by a sense of hope for the future.