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  • Best Talk Show for Anyone that Likes Sports

    I'm usually at work when the show is on, but I always listen to the podcasts. Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless are two great reporters, and when they bring their charisma to TV Screen, it leads to a great show. Two respective reporters from different backgrounds, that see the word of sports from different perspectives. Its great when they agree, and its even more entertaining when they strongly disagree.
  • Let's Get Serious

    You guys have got to get rid of Steve Smith, as he just outshouts everyone on the show (which I guess is part of his act) but come on enough is actually enjoy the show because I like to hear what Skip has to say about things, but he's always interrupted by Smith right in the middle of his comments. Let's face it Smith's just a loudmouth.
  • Adjustments that The Heat needs to make

    (1) Up tempo offense for easy baskets before the Spurs get defense set up.

    (2) Try playing "Bird Man" and Christ Bosh at the same time along with Mike Miller, LeBron James and Ray Allen or Dewayne Wade.

    (3) Use more bench players to put pressure on The Spurs, use up those fouls they have.

    (4) Somebody, anybody drive the ball to the basket to get Spurs in foul trouble.

    (5) Crash the boards, it has to be a team effort, keep the ball moving.
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