ESPN25: Who's #1?

Monday 12:00 AM on ESPN Premiered Jun 01, 2004 In Season


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  • Sports Countdown makes debates

    In such categories like best coach, big busts, and big finishes, debates are sure with this. You'll find yourself dreaming about comparisons of Jordan and Sam Bowie in this hour-long show, thinking about Brian Bosworth: Bust? as you have your workout, and so on. A must see if you like sports debates.
  • Sports countdown show that recaps top teams, athletes, etc.

    Fun, fastpaced show that submits lists for debate of the top teams, athletes, and games. Significantly better than Fox's "Sports List", but it could be improved with funnier soundbytes. ESPN seems to rely too heavily on the same talking heads, namely white guys in suits who are either reporters or ex-coaches. Where are the comedians, actors, rappers and hysterical characters that would appeal to the 18-35 demographic? This is my only complaint about an otherwise fantastic show.