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Is it just me or does it seem like this show is rigged.

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    [1]Nov 30, 2008
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    The concept of the show seemed great to me at first, but after episode two I began to question who was or wasn't winning the competitions. With the way the money is scattered there really is no way for viewers to definitively determine who takes out the most cash. So the shows execs can easily make up numbers and no one would be the wiser. In episode two one of the contestants was a plus sized black woman. In the first challenge she screamed the most and stayed in the room the least amount of time yet somehow she managed to gather enough money to stay in the competition. My problem is did she really win fair and square or was she kept in the competition because she showed the most dramatic display of fear (which I imagine is good for ratings). I finally decided to put up this thread by the end of the second competition because she got voted off. At first glance you might assume she just lost. Who knows maybe she did. But when I saw how the third challenge took place in a really cramped sewer, that's when I felt my suspicions were confirmed. I mean the plus sized woman couldn't have possibly fit in the sewer. It was just a little to convenient that she was phased out in time to miss this particular challenge. Maybe I'm wrong, and if I am I apologize to the makers of this show. The thing is, I like shows like Survivor where the power is in the hands on the contestants. At Least it leaves little doubt that everything is straight up.
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    [2]Dec 3, 2008
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    Well first and I remember her but not the episode that well...Wasn't she in the bottom two like after both rounds?

    And secondly remember that alot of the bills are $1s and $5s, while others are $50s and $100s. So it's possible she grabbed less but bigger bills.

    Also if you watched the Third episode where the winner had to hit the panic button cause he failed hard at releasing himself(ignoring the fact that his vault challenge was the hardest yet) you'll have seen how big of a cop out that was. That was just annoying... very anticlimatic. Which to me says it's a real show.

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    [3]Dec 4, 2008
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    the only thing i think is suspicous about the episodes is that they always seem to have a vault challnge that fits the person who is the winner. because if the tall guy only had to find a key in a drawer that would be easy cause his arms are long.

    how convenient that a short guy ended up in a straitjacket

    how convenient that the guy who doesnt use his brain had to find a combination (episode 4's winner)

    so i dont think the whole thing is rigged im just a little suspicous that the vault challenge always fits the person who wins

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    [4]Dec 7, 2008
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    Is it just me or did the money not add up in episode 4?

    At first, I thought Steve Valentine said that they collected $18,000+ going into the third challenge. But then he says that Adrian got over $3000, and Michael tripled that to get over $9000. Then, he says the total is $23,000+. When he said that, I assumed that I had heard wrong earlier and that he really said they collected over $8,000. Meaning the $12,000+ that they add to the total by themselves in the third round would make it just somewhere around $21,000 along with the money from Chioma who was stuck in the tunnels, it could have easily been just over $23,000.

    But I watched it again today, and it sounds like he clearly says they collected over $18,000 (about 25 minutes in) before going into the third round. So I wonder if he just made a mistake, whoever was counting it made a mistake, or if they tried to screw the contestants out of thousands of dollars. If they had at least $18,000 going into that, and Adrian/Michael alone made at least $12,000. It would have already been at $30,000, not counting whatever Chioma picked up in the tunnels. Even if she picked up nothing, which she clearly didn't, the show still shorted them $7,000.

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    [5]Dec 10, 2008
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    Show isn't rigged but I know of the older black woman you speak of. And to make it better, here is a link to a great mashup of said episode you speak of. Here you can clearly see this show isn't rigged.


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