Estate of Panic

Syfy (Mini-Series 2008)


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  • good so far

    so a number of people go to a mansion to compete for money. 2 people are eliminated each challenge and u can NEVER tell who is going to win. the most commom challeneges at the moment are, looking for money in places that have repulsive things like snakes,crabs, etc

    going into an electric field after gettin wet (with ur shoes off)

    facing a different problem in the vault after being the victor

    competing with people who are so selfish and greedy that they would even steal other peoples money just to win

    the challeneges are always interesting and never what u expect. so far the most unexpected challenge was the one where a the contestants had to feel through dead animals being hung and slimy trash to find money. IN THE DARK!! than while they were looking the lights flickered and showed them what their enviornment loked like (which im sure they woulkd have rather been in the dark the whole challenge) and then go off again.

    the lesson of this place is that u have to mentally strong and be strategic at the same time (and be in good health lol) or u WILL lose
  • Estate of Panic is just hysterical and it totally brings out the inner sadist. There is something quite satisfying is knowing that if someone is going to walk away with mucho dollars, they are at least going to suffer just a little bit for it.

    I really really like this show. It's new and it's fun. I almost felt bad watching people having to scramble around a foul smelling (I assume) room filled with rubbish digging for a few dollars. The guilt however, gave way to hysterics watching people struggle through electrified wires getting zapped everytime they touched them ...c'mon we all know they are perfectly safe. The closest I've seen to this kind of show is The Crystal Maze, however unlike that show there are tricky puzzles or skillful games to work through. Two contestants are eliminated from each round. They search for money and then when they think they have enough cash to survive, they leave the room. The last person in the room get locked in and is eliminated, the same fate awaits the contestant who has collected the least amount of cash. So it's a fine balancing act between not being last out, but staying in long enough to not have the least cash. The last man standing gets the chance to get more cash or lose some or all of it in the vault. If he is successful he will keep ALL the cash that everyone has collected plus whatever he makes in the vault. The shows host Steve Valentine is brilliant. Tall, dark, creepy guy as one of the contestants called him is about right. He is perfect for the show and pulls off some very witty lines. The show is original, fun, humorous, creepy, sadistic, has some nice variety and is thoroughly good light entertainment.
  • The point of the show is to see who can last and get their prize money. If the final person blows their challenge, they only get half of their previously collected money.

    Estate of Panic=One heck of a show. I enjoy this show so much now. This show is unbelieveable.First time I watched it was like "Wait! What was that?" I love seeing all the contestants paniking and running around frantically for their search of money. I always tend to laugh when one person gets left behind after each challenge. Also, it's hilarious with that sense of fear on their face. And the host, Steve Valentine, freaky! He creates the scariest yet awesomest scenes in his house of horror. You rock, dude. All I have to say is "LOL" to Estate of Panic.