Eternal Law

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Eternal Law

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From the creators of Life on Mars and Wild at Heart comes a new drama about angels. In Eternal Law, Zak and Tom are sent to York "to both help a community and try to understand the human condition".

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AIRED ON 2/9/2012

Season 1 : Episode 6

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  • Eternal Law-Promising

    For me its a refreshing new idea, I say this as one who has gladly missed most of the dross passing as entertainment that pervades our TV screens and not all of it emanating from the USA.

    There are far worse programs than this that receive seemingly eternal life while those like this that show promise are killed off.

    It should at least receive a second chance by airing it on a satellite or cable channel giving more people an opportunity to view it and hopefully enough will eventually encourage a TV company to make another series to develop its potential.moreless
  • Eternal Law - intriguing

    I like this series (so far). For starters, the angels are not ex-human beings (which is how some other "angel" shows have viewed them) - they are another type of being who existed before the earth did. (In one exchange, the young guy wants to be "with people his own age" or more specifically a girl and his superior retorts "so she's 14 billion years old as well). I'll definitely stick with this season and hope for another one.moreless
  • Give this one a chance ... it's a grower ...

    I'm writing this to speak up for Eternal Law, partly in response to the trashy/abysmal reviews posted here so far ... Eternal Law started more gently than some other shows and takes a reasonable stab at moral drama. Perhaps surprisingly, it doesn't take a finger-wagging, po-faced overly-moralistic tone - it is warm, with comic moments and is wittily framed. The second episode was quite moving and I thought rather well written (by Ashley Pharoah).

    I've generally watched this on catch-up - and I would say that the stories may need more time to make their dramatic points - they seem a bit cramped for the 1 hour time slot. But then the first few episodes need to do a lot of heavy lifting as well. Concept drama like this needs to spend time establishing the world it inhabits and introducing the premise - a slowish start is almost inevitable.

    I wouldn't damn this to the junk pile quite so brusquely I have high hopes for this yet. Given that Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham are writing/creating this, you can expect the story arc to develop and build into something compelling and substantial ...


  • So far so good

    Have watched US TV for so many years, I find this UK series so refreshing... Some how I fill this has a chance to be a good one. Eventually they may make a US version for it.
  • Touched by Angel updated, but unimproved

    This show is boring, sanctimonious, and terribly written. It's too dark to be a heartwarming family drama and too bland to be interesting to crime or sci/fi fans. The humor is obvious and ill-timed, and comes largely at the expense of the brand new earth arrival, Tom, played by an actor whose acting resembles nothing so much as a hippy on an acid trip. Peace and love my brothers! Here's the show in a nutshell: a mystery arises, a family is in crisis, the devil is trying to steal your soul, but the angels save the day. We're home in time for tea. For your own sake, do not watch this show.moreless