Eureeka's Castle

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)



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Eureeka's Castle

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The day to day life of the muppet-like inhabitants of a wind-up music box castle. This Castle is named Eureeka's Castle and it's owned by a giant. Of the inhabitants there's Eureeka, a young sorceress in training, Batty an egotistical bumbling bat, Magellan a one toothed dragon that has a tail with a mind of it's own, Bog and Quagmire otherwise known as the "Moat Twins" who just swim around in the moat, and there are also singing mice! Eureeka's Castle had hand puppets,videos,books,stuffed animals and so much more! But Then something horrible MANY other Classic Nick Shows it well.. it was Nicked off of Nickelodeon!


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    Cheryl Blaylock


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    • My all time favorite show as a kid!!

      I absolutely loved this show as a little kid between the ages of 3 and 7. I watched the show every time I had a chance all the way up until Nickelodeon took it off the air in 1996. If only it hadn't aired most of the time while I was busy in school. The show aired usually in the very early afternoon if I remember correctly. To this day I still remember some of the songs they used to sing and the assortment of little animated shorts. All in all it was a wonderful show that kids would still enjoy today.moreless
    • I miss this show!!!

      I used to love this show when i was a kid i wish they'd bring it back, sure it was kind of a spoof off of sesame street but in my opinion it was better lol. I still remember Eureeka and Magellan like it was yesterday XD I still remember this episode about catching butterflies or something and all these random things from the show that don't make much sense anymore since i haven't seen it in a long long time. I hope they rerun this show on noggin or something because it was just a great show. They rerun peewee's playhouse but not this? Unbelieveable lol.moreless
    • this show is a classic!!!

      i loved this show when i was a little kid...i couldnt wait for it to come on everyday...i loved the songs and the castle was freaking awesome with the huge key to get into it ( i think...i cant remember it to well)...and it totally kept my attention...i think they should bring it back for kids today...i wouldnt mind seeing it again and i know my cousin would get a kick out of it...and their are way to many stations out there airing childrens programs that arent that good or dont keep a childs attention...they should bring back a classic...moreless
    • I loved this show as a kid!

      This show was a great show that I still wish was on because there isn't anymore shows out there that were like this one!Everytime I watched it as a kid i was hooked i mean it's so much fun. I wish ther were still shows today that were like this one because i miis them alot even though i'm older now it would be nice to see these show just a few more times. I loved this show and right now I'm just righting more words because i need at least 100 so I hoped that you wnjoyed this reveiw.moreless
    • This is one of the best children's programs out there.

      I do not remember much about this show but the theme is very catchy. It should be brought back. I loved watching this show as a kid. It was very entertaining and educational. All the characters are extrmely loveable and the plots are interesting. This show is defenitly worth watching.

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