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Renton Thurston is your ordinary 14-year-old boy, who has grown bored of his current life in his hometown. He is the son of the acclaimed hero of the military, and every day, he has no greater dream than to look up to his idol, Holland, who is skilled in the hoverboard sport referred to as "REFFing" ("Lifting," in the English dub). He also believes that he would one day join the LFO rebel group Gekkostate, and surf the skies.

As he tries to master the art and skill of REFfing, Renton has nothing more than his dreams and his hopes, which his grandfather mechanic dismisses as something useless. But one day, Renton's life changes, when a REFfing LFO mecha crashes into his house, out of which emerges the most beautiful girl pilot he's ever seen. Now, Renton finds himself in the middle of a war in which he absolutely has no desire to be involved in, having the ride of his life with his newfound love, his number one idol, and his hero father.

Opening / Ending Themes


1) "Days" by FLOW (eps. 1 - 13) 2) "A Young Boy's Heart" ("Shounen Heart") by HOME MADE KAZOKU (eps. 14 - 26) 3) "To the Center of the Sun" ("Taiyou no Mannakae") by Bivattche (eps. 27 - 32 / 34 - 39) 4) "Storywriter" by SUPERCAR (ep. 33) 5) "Sakura" by NILGILIS (eps. 40 -50)


1) "Secret Base" ("Himitsu Kichi") by Kozue Takada (eps. 1 - 13 / 26) 2) "Fly Away" by Izawa Asami (eps. 14 - 25) 3) "Tips Taps Tip" by HALCALI (eps. 27 - 39) 4) "Canvas" by COOLON (eps. 40 - 50)moreless
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  • Simply Amazing!

    It is hands down my favorite anime of all time! This show has so much character it makes you think, laugh, cry, and feel flat out amazing! Each and every character has something to offer you grow attached to all of them. The one problem I have with it is it starts off really slow. I guarantee so many people started watching thought it was boring and and stopped watching. I was so close too stopping i said one more episode and boom i was hooked. All i can say is stay with it PLEASE!!! it turns into the best anime ever. Highly underrated and just flat out amazing! Also has the best soundtrack for a anime ever, and i stand by thatmoreless
  • A tad bit Overrated

    I have mixed opinions of this series. I loved most of the story, but the ending was a bitter disappointment. Let's start with the good and work our way down to the bad:


    CHARACTERS: The characters are what make Eureka Seven great. Most characters have a darker side to them, but that's what makes them so wonderful; no one is without flaws. There are times when one loves certain characters, then hates them, only to end up loving them again. It is only through each other that each of these characters grow into better people; while this can be cheesy at times, it's extremely heartwarming, especially by the end when the crew feels like one big family. This is definitely my favorite aspect of the show, even if some characters' actions did get on my nerves.

    I can't say there wasn't a character I didn't like, because the three children showed little improvement, but overall, characters are a major high point for this series.


    SOUND: Eureka Seven has some wonderful music and the English voice acting fits the characters as far as I can tell. Anime purists will still hate it, but you can never win with them.


    PLOT: My main gripe with Eureka Seven is its plot (which is certainly NOT a good thing to have a gripe about). It starts out slow, which I can forgive, and the middle of the series is fantastic. But what I can't forgive is a horrible conclusion. It was great until the final episodes; my expectations for an epic wrap-up were set extremely high, but then it just ... flopped.

    The ending was horrible. Near the end, there was a random plot twist with the condition of the antagonist, yet they gave no explanation as to how this phenomenon happened to him. And the show ended as most generic Shonen stories do: it's all about the hero. Most of the cast did little in the final showdown, a major letdown since the series' high point was its fleshed out characters. The characters one grew to love simply stood on the sidelines while the hero and heroine did most of the work.

    Worse than the final battle, which I can still forgive, was the epilogue. *SPOILERS AHEAD* A major plot point throughout the story was Holland and Talho's baby. Do we ever get to see what happened to either of them after the fight, let alone their child? Nope. Not even a mention. The same goes for the rest of the crew, as well as Dominic and Anemone. In fact, even the two main characters had little screen time at the end, and the time they received wasn't very fulfilling, plot-wise. The entire story was extremely character-driven, yet the ending makes it seem otherwise. I find major fault in that, and this left a very bitter taste in my mouth.


    OVERVIEW: Obviously, when you look at the reviews below (and eventually above) me, you will likely see nothing but praise. But no matter how hard I try to see things their way, I simply cannot forgive that ending. To invest in 50 episodes and end up with an ending like that? It is depressing. Seriously.

    This show is by no means bad, but with the amount of plot holes it contains and its lack of a good epilogue, I don't believe it warrants the rampant amount of "10" ratings it is receiving.moreless

    dude I just got done watching the series again and it still filled me with joy. it sucks though because there is nothing to show what happened after episode 50
  • full of joy

    i watched this anime long time ago and now is the time i still like it through the story you find different kind of emotions, joy,sad,anger, everykind of feeling but always keeps you wanting more and more until the end, chapter by chapter gets more and more your attention while you meet different characters with their visions, mission or their desires, hating some, loving others but always leting you pass a good time

    the final have so strong moments feelings and the best is this is not only focus in mechas fights but in the main couples perfect synchrony and union and how they learn about it and make it stronger

    so in my opinion this anime is a real master piece who i always will find time to rewatch it over and overmoreless
  • Draws your emotion

    I started watching it 4 days ago and was hooked from the start. I just finished and its one of those shows that makes you feel like your letting go of something good when it finally ends. No spoilers but it starts off slow and gradually just works. It packs a lot of emotion into the 50 episodes that lets you feel apart of the race to save the world. You can without a doubt find yourself satisfied by this series, I was completely surprised with what I found.moreless

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