Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Feb 17, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Holland and the others are holding off the enemy forces from interrupting Renton and Eureka from meeting Lady Sakuya. Eureka enters Lady Sakuya's flower bud and discovers Lady Sakuya's past.

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  • Eureka has left the safty of Norbu and Renton to go into the endless library of Flower lady's Heart to discover what she knows about whatever it is Renton and Eureka have to do, and what happens whent hey cross the great wall.moreless

    This episode wasn't as good as some of the other ones while it shed some light on people like Master Norbu, and answered a very important question. How the hell did he get one of those glowy green things in his chest? (I forgot what their called, its early morning and I finished my typing class anyway). Also I can't help but wonder is this foresight as to what is comming for Renton and Eureka? Will Eureka turn into a random flower and the Amnita Drive (if thats how it's spelled) get jammed into Renton's chest? If so what then will he do? Its annoying questions like these that keep people who have no life or friends for that matter comming back. I'm also wondering why if killing and thrashing of people bothers Renton and Eureka so much how come Holland and the others with the 606 shooting at the monks isn't doing anything? Also I can't help but ask, why arn't those friggin' kids in trouble they gave away the Gekko's position and exposed the "White Devil" (I love that) for what it was? Anyway Despite rasing more questions then it answered this Episode was just as good as all those that came before it! And for all the questions the episode raised it answered one very important one, How exactly does Eureka feel about Renton. (as if we already didn't know)Anyway now that Miss flower lady told Eureka how Renton feels about her, it'll be good to see how they handle what comes up next.moreless

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