Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 5

Animal Attack

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 25, 2006 on Adult Swim
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The Nirvash continues to be repaired, and a visit from Dr. Greg "Bear" Eagan, the top archetype researcher, helps explain why the Nirvash has been acting up lately. Meanwhile, Colonel Dewey and the Ageha Squad meet with Lady Coda to inform her of his plans for the planet... and the Coralians.moreless

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  • Planing the Future

    There isn't much I can say about this episode other than I thought it was very good because it set up what is to come in the show.

    I liked it when we first meet Dr Greg Bear Egan, he's a really big guy. He's smart but funny, I love how he still swoons over his ex wife he still loves her despite their end result. But I like what he explains to both Renton and Eureka which causes both of them to think even more about their relationship.

    There was the into to Dewey's followers the kids whom I personally find creepy. All of them have that look and mannerism like cultests, this all the more boosts the characters ego.

    But most of all what I loved the most about the episode was the Lady Coda character. It's a shame she wasn't used more in the show because she really is an interesting villianous, she may seem cold and have a ruthlessness to her but is always medatative before she takes action as well as sense of concern. Plus I'm not ashamed to admit it but she's kinda hot, I'm not exactly sure what age she is but she's aged well. My faovorate moment was her interaction with Dewey which was interesting because it wasn't just a test of charcter but also a strange seduction going on. Coda says something that chalanges Dewey and then Dewey then comes close to her, opens up her legs with his own, says something, both stare down at one another, and then she blushes staring at him. At that moment I can't help but feel both might have became a secret couple and had ahem relations with each other though that is never really explored in the show which is too bad, I would of liked to of seen how far both characters went with one another but there probably was no room, and might not have held enough importance in this show so oh well.

    Things have gotten a lot more interesting for Eureka and Renton.moreless
  • I finally saw Eurka 7 wow an awesome show it's about this girl named Eureka who pilots a giant robot it takes place in the future woah great show.

    This episode was very good a great episode these animals try destroying a planet and they must stop them before its too late very adventures this is the first ive seen today I will keep watching Eureka 7 too understaand this show more a great episode I give this episode a 9.2 out of 10.
  • In this episode the Nirvash is finally getting a much need upgrade but miltary makes a strike against the Coralian that cause the True Awaking in which the Coralian strikes back on mankind.moreless

    I think that this episode is one of the best that I have seem in all of the episodes of Eureka Seven and it was dramtic in all ways makes you wonder what will happen next in makes you want to watch the episode right then in there in which case you can on episodes 1 thur 50 but they will indeed be in japnese but they have english sub titles easy yes finding how two find the shows is hard you can't just put Eureka Seven in you must either type in the episode you are looking for or type in the wpisode number in case they spilts them in in parts of three.moreless
Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Lady Coda

Guest Star

Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Coda's Attendant

Guest Star

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Maria Schneider

Recurring Role

Terrence Stone

Terrence Stone


Recurring Role

Bridget Hoffman

Bridget Hoffman

Sonia Wakabayashi

Recurring Role

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    • Jobs: Dr. Bear!
      Gidget: Who's that?
      Jobs: The pre-eminent man in the research of archetypes! You don't know him?
      Gidget: Sorry, but I've never heard of him.
      Jobs: Greg Eagan, who's nickname is Dr. Bear, never steps outside of his lab and only researches things that spark his interest. However, every paper that he publishes is always top notch, or rather, he goes far beyond current thinking, and not many people can understand him.
      Gidget: In other words, a looney.
      Jobs: Wh-what was that?! You'll get cursed for saying that!

    • Talho: (walks in) Have you guys seen Holland?
      (Matthieu & Hilda have shocked expressions)
      Matthieu: Uh... he was on the bridge earlier.
      Talho: Idiot. It's not like he's in any condition to freely move around. (walks away)
      Hilda: She changed her hairdo.
      Matthieu: Put straight, she got dumped.
      Hilda: (slaps him) Even her outfit is different.
      Matthieu: Oh, put straight, she just realized her real age.
      (Hilda slaps him so that it knocks him off his seat)

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