Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 9

Astral Apache

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jan 06, 2007 on Adult Swim
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The Gekkostate arrive at the capital, and ready to rescue Norb from Dewey. Every one of them realize what they must do according to plan. Dewey may think that he's higher ranked than his younger brother, but little did he know that Holland has already succeeded in a feat that he never thought Holland would accomplish.moreless

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  • Measure of Men.

    This episode is all about the moments in character as well as the action that goes with it. What we see are three, from Renton and Eureka we see that during the battle Eureka is begining to become more hesitant in fighting because she doesn't want to kill anyone anymore and felt their had to be another way. I like this interplay with the pasifism and aggresive resistace, I'll be honest I myself am not a pasifist which is why I liked it when Renton states as well as in the action of the team that it's true that fighting might not be the only solution but sometimes it can't be helped, to preserve and protect all that is good one must resort to all means nessasary despite whatever result. As it is also said evil triumphs when good people do nothing. Then there is a little moment with Dominic and Anamome which as usual is a bit troubled and sad. Dominic we see is a person that is trying to bring back the humanity from Anamone, but he's still not quite strong enough yet to break away from Dewey's authority. Anamone we see is a person that is acting a bit abusive toward Dominic taking out what troubles her out on him, but we know it's not really her and in her eyes and some of her words there is obviously an inner confict going on. But unfortunately she's not quite strong enough to break free from them yet. But of course most of this episode is focused a little more on the Dewey character. What he says justifies a couple of the reasons why I hate this guy (there are more in my latter reviews). From the fact that he is so sure of himself this constant belief that everything he says and does is right, that I always thought was an achiles heel of his never could see or admit to his own follies. And we see him spout out a lot of comformist bull crap.

    Narsistic and self centered believing the whole world must revolve around him. As well as superiority complex, and this is where probably the best interplay in the episode lies between Holland and Dewey. Despite Dewey insults (which made me want to kneecap the guy from what he said about Taiho.) as well as certain facts he state the words we can see are all empty. Despite Dewey statius and what he supposedly accheved it really didn't make him a bigger person, from all of the sins and cruelty he has commited toward the innocent he has became less of a man.

    Holland we see truely is more of a man that his brother Dewey and continues to grow. As we see his resistance truely is gaining ground and getting somewhere whether Dewey knows it or not, people are starting to see the truth and beleving Dewey less and less, he did find that partner for Eureka which of course is Renton, and of course he's going to be a father with his significant other Taiho. Makes me glad Taiho dated Holland and went further in the end, what the heck she saw in Dewey back when they dated I have no idea but his loss since he dumped her.

    So Holland truely has gained more and in the end we see Dewey for a moment is alone and has nothing.moreless

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    • Holland: I'm so glad that you held yourself back.
      Norb: Held back what, Holland?
      Holland: Huh? Well, didn't you come to the Capital to destroy the city?
      Norb: Are you kidding? You want to kill me? It couldn't happen. My age is catching up. Is there any way I could get a smoke now?
      Holland: You just said your age is catching up and you want that?

    • Dominic: (to the Ageha Squad) Hey! You never told me. Did the Colonel read my report?
      Ageha Girl A: What report?
      Dominic: The one I gave you! The new report concerning the typeZERO and its pilots.
      Ageha Girl A: When the time is right, I'm confident that he'll read it, that is, if it really was something truly important.
      Dominic: What do you mean, "if it was something truly important"? Don't you get it? The typeZERO specs went up. Why can't you people understand? This is important!
      (Anemone slams him against a wall)
      Dominic: Anemone.
      Anemone: So you've submitted a report?
      Dominic: Uh...
      Anemone: I don't think that you would have, but you didn't write that theEND lost, did you?
      Dominic: Anemone, that's really not important here.
      Anemone: Of course it's important here! Do you think he'll give me another chance to try? I failed twice already. (starts pounding the wall) Do you think Dewey would give me a third chance? Why can't you understand something so simple?! Why are you such a stupid idiot?!

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