Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 9

Ballet Mécanique

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 14, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Breaking Free

    This is one of my favorate episode ever because it that one, after such a long and painful wait our patience has finally paid off to that piviatal moment for the two characters Dominic and Anemone.

    Both of these characters were at their emotional best, from Anemone who delivers monologue on her own lonelyness, which is downright heartbreaking. You can't help but feel the weight in those words which hit close to home on how most of us feel when were lonely. As well as Dominic pursuit to save Anemone, I found myself actually wanting Dominic wanting to get to her on time, come in any minute now to save her as the pressure kept buiding up. Your also hoping Renton and Eureka can talking some sense, as well as fight her off long enough for Dominic to arrive but most of all let her know she has a right and reasons to live.

    Then it all builds up to probably the best moments in both anime and romance in general. When Dominic comes in at the right time but of course is falling with that weard pet of his and of course calls out to her. That is when she is broken out of her spell of depression as well as those mind controling drugs and has finally became that wonderful individual person Dominic fell in love with. Her feelings for him are in full bloom and then she of course gets out of that mecha and fall right with him, both get into each others arms with the help of that weard pet which was cute, sort of like a hand of fate. And both exchange a romantic dialog and kiss. I have seen a lot of romantic moments in anime, but this is one of the great ones I can add on to my list.

    No one stays lonely forever, as long as they have the ability to love which both Anemone and Dominic have.
  • we see Anemone change drastically and admits her love for Dominic,she turns good,The End changes colors and gets destroyed while trying to protect them.

    It was a very emotional episode,very cute,i almost cried,but i didnt. it was really cool how Anemone's character transitioned from evil chick to good in love chick,her monologues were touching and when Dominic and her kissed was very romantic.overall it was one of the best episodes ive seen yet.Im looking forward to the next episode.
  • Wow.

    If you are a Eureka 7 fan (which I assume you are, or at least tolerate it to the point of looking it up) then you have either seen this episode, or you are hitting yourself over the head because you wanted to see it, but missed it, due to AS's cruel late-night time spot. For the latter...I pity you.
    This episode was fantabulous. It was so wonderful that I felt the need to make up a word. But really...
    Although this episode is filled to the brim with cliches and nick of the time stints, it doesn't hamper the quality.
    This revolves around Dominique and Anemone, Eureka and Renton take the role of audience members, gasping and crying at all the right spots.
    Dominique (in the nick of time like I said) comes to rescue Anemone, and they end up floating together in the air, very much like how Eureka and Renton did, when THEY reunited. Which all seems a little impractical to me, especially considering Anemone and Dominique were UPSIDE DOWN. Ooh. They must be pretty awesome, because they managaed to not pass out (I would).
    All of that aside, this is a gorgeous episode. The scuffle between theEND and Nirvash was polished, and executed nicely, Eureka's wing thingy's are shiny as ever, and the scene where Anemone reuntied with Dominque was breath taking.
    I cried. I really did. And unless you are some weird droid, incable of realizing human emotions, you will too. This episode is just amazing. Watch it. Love it.
  • I almost cried.

    This is probably one of the greatest episode I have ever seen in an anime. I almost cried while watching it. The episode is basically about the growth of Anemone. She finally accepted that her life is worth living with Dominic by her side. We see a completely different side of her and I totally loved it. I was so happy to see that Anemone changed and became a better person. One thing that I didnt really like is the english voice of Anemone. For some reason, I just didnt feel like it was that sad at all. I didnt really feel any emotion from Anemone's voice. The japanese version was better I thought. Besides that, the episode was terrific. I loved every second of it.
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