Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 9

Ballet Mécanique

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 14, 2007 on Adult Swim



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    • Anemone: (thinking) Someone on my mind? I had someone. Yeah, past tense. I think about how I should have told him how I felt. I kind of hate myself a bit for that, but there's nothing I can do about it now. The next time I'm born into this world, if that's even possible, I'd like to be born as someone who's more clever than I am now. Well, I really can't do anything about it. I feel this self-hatred.

    • Anemone: If, even after this battle, they tell me I can live on, I'll go and buy a small mirror somewhere and practice smiling.
      Maeter: She has a sad voice.
      Linck: Don't dry!
      Maurice: Renton?
      Eureka: Let's save her.
      (Renton nods)
      Anemone: I'll practice over and over so that I can see him once again.
      Eureka: I can hear it! I can hear your voice!
      Anemone: If they tell me that I can live without hurting anyone else, I'll let my hair sway in the wind, take a giant step onto the earth and go see him. I want to live, to say my thanks. I want to live, to give so many feelings to people.
      Renton: But you can!
      Anemone: I want to live! I wish I didn't realize I had feelings like this!
      Eureka: It's all right for you to live! Nobody has ever said that you had no right to live!
      Anemone: (crying) But I'm in so much pain! He's nowhere where I can see him! And that's... and that's why!
      Eureka: Your feelings will be passed on, Anemone.
      Anemone: They won't, Eureka. They won't be passed on to anyone now.

    • (while falling from the sky)
      Dominic: Well, then. Hi, there. Long time, no see.
      Anemone: Idiot! What do you think you're doing, letting yourself fall into a place like this?!
      Dominic: I... I'm sorry.
      Anemone: It's okay. I'll make an exception and forgive you.
      Dominic: Huh?
      Anemone: You came to find me, and you saved me.
      Dominic: I don't think I really saved you.
      Anemone: You tried to save me.
      Dominic: This is the first time you've ever given me that expression. It's quite wonderful.
      Anemone: I can't hear you!
      Dominic: Huh? I'm telling you that I love it!
      Anemone: (kisses Dominic) This is my first time to have such a wonderful feeling. I wouldn't care if I died right now.
      (Dominic & Anemone start kissing)

    • Anemone: (thinking) Well, you know, a lot of different things happen in life. Any regrets? Of course, if I said that I didn't have any, it would be a lie. I'm still very, very young. I want to go out shopping and eat a lot more of the different yummy foods out there and listen to music and stuff, you know? Oh, yes, and, of course, even a wonderful romance. If could have that, it would really be the best. Really... the best. But the way I feel right now, "Oh, brother," is all I can say. Really. Oh, brother.

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    • Episode Title: Ballet Mécanique
      This episode title is a reference to the song "Ballet Mécanique" by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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