Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 1

Blue Monday

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 15, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • The start of Renton Thurston's transformation from a dull, boring child to a true hero. Overall, this first episode could have been better.

    While I completely love "Eureka Seven", the first episode could have been better. It is true that it is always hard to find a way to start any form of story,and that the audience must be able to both be interested and know the foundations for the tale. I agree that this first episode did an overall good job of explaining Renton's views of life, the fact that Holland has some past issue with Axel, and that Eureka is rather on the strange side. The fact that Renton threw himself off the cliff to deliver the Amita Drive and his timidness towards Eureka does an excellent job at establishing the affection he holds towards Eureka which will later turn to true love. What I think may have been missing is perhaps more action (yes, I know that we do see some and the way the lfos fight near the end) and perhaps deeper meaning into what the characters were saying/thinking. Times such as when Axel delivers the Amita Drive to Renton and others lack explanation. However, as that is the first episode, we can't expect much but a broad overview of things to come. Overall it was a beautiful first episode that did a good job of establishing foundations for later adventures. It may have been missing an extremely small portion of things, but is nonetheless spectacular.
  • not very satisfying.

    Genrealy the first episode in series has several jobs to do. The first being to capture the viewers attention, which this has clearly done by the end of the closing sequence. Secondly give the viewer enough information to establish the scene and setting. I have to say this episode attempts to do that by introducing a few key elements without boring the audience with deep explanations or details. However, it could have been done better with some clever writing and formatting of events. Although the basis is understandable a lot of the concept is lost and left for the viewer to grasp, allowing for undesireable moments of confusion. Finaly the third job of a series premier is to show the audience something new and at the same time give them something to look forward to. In this tale we learn about the central theme rather quickly and randomaticaly. The first sequence immediately pulls us in without hesitation. An action sequence starts things off in such a manner that would have the casual fan on the edge of their seat. The main character is presented as your typical adolescent misguided ambitious but ignorant about the world. The enthusiasm displayed from this boy soon becomes exaggerated and annoying. Other characters are quite the contrast in personality offering some variety but nothing short of extreme. For instance Grandpa is extremely cranky, as such the stereotype. The story moves along swiftly from one moment to the next as the 2 groups of characters soon intertwine. I don’t believe this episode delivers enough entertainment to carry the veiwer to a point of solid interest. The anticipation level for episode 2 is rather low and therefore I have to say this episode was not all together very satisfying. However for the more avid fan, this show might end up being more worth while than the beginning demonstrates. I just don’t see a lot of potential here.
  • The first episode was done in a very good way, giving the first glimpse into a show is always important, and this shows first was promising for the rest of the series.

    I am a huge anime fan and I have seen many different shows before. This first episode of Eureka Seven was pretty good in my opinion. I do think that the whole "my life is boring" thing was a little overplayed. Still this show starts off with a very solid, and promising first episode. It got me excited about what was going to happen throughout this series.
  • As much fun as this episode was, it very average. I\'ve seen every episode AIRED on [adult swim] so far, looking back to this one, it wasn\'t as \"epic\" as other reviewers like to make it out to.

    As I said in my summary, I\'ve seen every episode aired (on [adult swim] of course, No fan sub Sh**). That should give a hint that I\'m pretty big fan of the series. Recently I\'ve decided to check out the first episode on DVD and I have to say that it wasn\'t as entertaining as I thought it would be.

    The acting for the english version is just great. Every character sounds like how you expect them to sound like. I would say the opposite about the Japanese version. They have the acting down but none of them sound like meant for that character. Also reading from some of the subtitles, the english dubbing seems to use different wordings from the translated from Japanese subtitles, its actually sounds like its been improved. Some anime dubbing just directly translate from Japanese and often times it sounds very originally (or somewhere along those lines) when they do it that way. But in Eureka Seven, translated it and put it words that we would understand but still stick with originally about.

    But as awesome as the english dub is, the animation is great, and the characters too; this episode just didn\'t held interest as much as I wanted to. It just seems average to me but its kind of important because its the first episode. The best way can I explain it is that its a lot like History class. Its important that you know this but your not exactly going to fun. Though it is pretty cool that main character, Renton, is just a regular kid who likes the sky. He\'s not a ninja or anything like that, he\'s just like skater kid who idolizes Tony hawk except he\'s more like a sky surfer and he looks up to a really famous lifter (its called that in the show) who\'s a criminal too. If you think you\'ll enjoy seeing this kid who you can relate to then go ahead and watch this episode otherwise its pretty average.

    Again, I\'ve already seen up to the latest episode that adult swim is airing, so take my comments with a grain of salt. I would much rather watch the next new episode then come back to see the first one. Then again, that should give another hint. That this show my start out pretty average but if you stick with it you will be hooked and you won\'t be sorry about it.

    This episodes start off with Flying gundams or mech basically and if your into gundams you\\\'ll love this series. This robots are called LFO\\\'s and the first one ever found was called the Nirvash.........But before i go any further before you watch any more of these episodes I have to tell you that the American version of this anime doesnt give justice to this anime series. If you really like the series so far go and download the rest of the 50 episodes on This site is a place where you can download all of you favorite anime or cartoons. THIS SHOW is amazing and has all the intruiging things to a great anime such as war, romance, and an end of the world sanrio.... Now go Download The Episodes!!!! fast cause this is an anime you just cant miss!!!
  • A great start to a series with alot of potential.

    After Fullmetal Alchemist ended, 12:00 on Saturdays just seemed empty for me. Sure there was that one episode with all the farts, but I digress. I was so bored I was actually sleeping at that time, until I discovered Eureka Seven. This show has given me new hope for that time slot, and after watching this first episode, it turn out to be a rival for Fullmetal Alchemist in quality.
    The animation in this episode is exceptionally well done, and just completely blew me away. Studio BONES\' work on Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf\'s Rain, and this series has quickly set the studio apart from any other. I mean this episode looks like a movie, maybe even better in some parts. I just hope that this quality of animation can continue
    Another great part of this show is the music. It is remiscent of FLCL, with its use of a J-rock band, and the other techno tracks.
    I can\'t get a good bead on the overall story, but this episode had some good points, however some lines sounded unnatural/corny.
    Eureka SeveN is a very promising show, and barring some epic disaster in writing, it should end up being great.
  • Here we meet 14 year old renton who lives with his grandfather in the most boring town ever.His whole life sucks but he loves to lift and his idol is holland which his gramps thinks is a criminal.He dreams of being a lifter one day being in a team.

    I loved this episode even though it was the first episode to be aired. It shows that Renton is a very funny character and instantly falls in love for Eureka the girl that drops into his house with the first LFO ever made. This is the first show i watch that has to do with robots and stuff and it was really good.
  • Renton's (14yr old main character) main belief is that life just sucks; until a mysterious girl piloting Nirvash appears requesting repair. Renton is given the duty to deliver the part to the girl from his grandfather which sets into motion his future.

    From the television clips, I was not prepared for what I got. I was expecting a pretty simple almost childish story line instead I get this amazing story line that grabs you and drags you deep into the LFO world quickly. It was easy to appreciate the depth and connections formed between the characters. And the quirky nature of each character won me over quickly as a fan.

    All thumbs up for this show!
  • With the introduction of the characters, the plot, and the personalities, I can see that Eureka Seven has shown a great start with a strong pilot episode. It has exceed my expectations, and it has intrigued my thought of life.

    The episode starts by introducing the world of tomorrow, as mechas take over the skies. These mechas, referred to as LFO's, are currently surfing the skies with a sport known as REFfing, and appear to be discussing about a mission, whatever it may be.

    Then we go to a profile of Renton Thurston, a 14-year old boy who describes his life as boring. Every day he dreams of one day becoming part of the skies, and join the LFO aircraft team Gekkostate. But one day changed his life forever. An LFO referred as the Nirvash arrives at their home, and a pilot emerges out, and Renton describes her as the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Eureka is her name, and she claims that the Nirvash is in need of a tune up.

    But her arrival has made Renton's and his grandfather's situation worse. The military LFO's come, and they appear to be after the Nirvash. Then Renton's grandfather gives him a part called the Amita Drive, an attachment that is claimed to unleash the full potential of the LFO. He now must go to her and deliver the Amita Drive to her, a decision that has locked his fate.

    Eureka Seven is an original concept by BONES, with the collaboration of BANDAI Entertainment.

    Anyway, the first episode has exceed my expectations, and as an anime otaku critic, I expect the same thing as the storyline continues.
  • Not bad for the first Episode.

    This episode starts off with LFO's and missile flying everywhere as they talk about memories and such.Then their is a boy named Renton Thurston appears and we enter his life and dreams.The teacher ia talking about his and whst a hero he was,but Renton is reading about thr Gekko State. Then there is an elpoxlion,as Renton leaves leaves shcool he seems his grandpa and they go out to eat.Renton goes to his favoritve hovering ground,but it's being used by the army LFO's as a trianing ground. When he returns home him and his grandpa began to aruge which leaves them outside and then a LFO crush into their house and then a cute girl named Eureka comes out.When morning comes the army begans to fire missile after missile,they are able to get away but Renton is hurt. Eureka then goes leaves to fight the LFO's and Renton Grandpa tells him to give this to her,but well he make it into?