Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 1

Blue Monday

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 15, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • not very satisfying.

    Genrealy the first episode in series has several jobs to do. The first being to capture the viewers attention, which this has clearly done by the end of the closing sequence. Secondly give the viewer enough information to establish the scene and setting. I have to say this episode attempts to do that by introducing a few key elements without boring the audience with deep explanations or details. However, it could have been done better with some clever writing and formatting of events. Although the basis is understandable a lot of the concept is lost and left for the viewer to grasp, allowing for undesireable moments of confusion. Finaly the third job of a series premier is to show the audience something new and at the same time give them something to look forward to. In this tale we learn about the central theme rather quickly and randomaticaly. The first sequence immediately pulls us in without hesitation. An action sequence starts things off in such a manner that would have the casual fan on the edge of their seat. The main character is presented as your typical adolescent misguided ambitious but ignorant about the world. The enthusiasm displayed from this boy soon becomes exaggerated and annoying. Other characters are quite the contrast in personality offering some variety but nothing short of extreme. For instance Grandpa is extremely cranky, as such the stereotype. The story moves along swiftly from one moment to the next as the 2 groups of characters soon intertwine. I don’t believe this episode delivers enough entertainment to carry the veiwer to a point of solid interest. The anticipation level for episode 2 is rather low and therefore I have to say this episode was not all together very satisfying. However for the more avid fan, this show might end up being more worth while than the beginning demonstrates. I just don’t see a lot of potential here.