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Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 4

Change of Life

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 18, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Change of Life
As Renton finds himself working along with the Gekkostate again, he continues to ponder about Eureka's mysterious past. He heads to Holland's room to find Talho, whom reveals even more information about Diane and Holland's past. Meanwhile, the Nirvash is in need of repair, and they head to the Tressoir Research Center, where it was originally developed. There, Renton finds more history behind Eureka, the Nirvash, as well as his grandfather, Axel. While Renton continues to find an answer, others are experiencing a change in their lives.moreless

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  • The Gekko visits the lab where Nirvash was built for repairs, hoping the scientists' curiousity about him will prevent them calling in the army.

    Talk about info-overload! This episode is almost entirely intended to explain Nirvash and Eureka's origins, not to mention we finally find out what the deal is with Holland and Diane.

    Where to start?! Still needing to repair Nirvash, the crew head to the military research station where Nirvash was built. Turns out there's no military presence so the scientists agree to repair Nirvash so they can examine the considerable changes in him since they last saw him. Holland - in a new diplomatic mode - reaches an agreement with them. Through conversation and a fascinating video, we find out that when Nirvash was found, Eureka was found with him, and when the researchers had very little luck getting him to work, Eureka was found to be able to operate him. Once they were able to do that, it was necessary to find a way for him to manoever quickly as he was a ground vehicle. The REFboard from the 'popular sport Lifting' was adapted to allow Nirvash to fly.

    There is a whole volume of information on Talho in this episode. There were several things in this episode I didn't entirely follow - possibly because I missed episodes in the beginning - but some of it does seem to be deliberate cryptic comments, probably for future revelation. Renton decides to talk to Holland, but Talho tells him Holland's sleeping. A surprisingly astute Renton has realised she is unhappy about the blood transfusion and Talho, equally surprisingly, is in the mood to talk. She reveals the answer I've been curious about since the beginning - that Diane was indeed dating Holland and dumped him! Holland took this very hard and it still affects him, much to the distress of Talho. (Question is: when did this happen? In the flashbacks to their military careers, Holland and Talho were already involved.) Renton takes this shocking revelation very well, I would have expected more of a reaction. Seems Renton isn't blind to his sister's faults, as he quietly says "I'm not her." Perhaps Holland isn't the only one who's been taking Diane's actions out on Renton, as Renton's words clearly make an impact on Talho.

    There's an adorable rant where she carries on about how clueless and dumb Holland can be. Later, there's a rather odd conversation where Mischa says it's time for Talho to stop dressing like she does. That it's 'different this time around' and Talho says she wanted Holland to stop running but that she doesn't expect him to take responsibility for 'it'. Haven't got a clue really what she's talking about but I was riveted. She cuts her hair to a less flattering mature style and adopts a very elegant catsuit, still in her signature blue and white. Holland wakes up from a nap to see Talho's new look but interestingly, doesn't comment. Talho tells Eureka that she hasn't changed, instead she has 'gone back'. Perhaps it's not a coincidence that her new look is reminicent of her military uniform?

    Last thoughts:

    - Maurice continues to avoid Eureka. He's been acting strangely since Eureka got sick so perhaps as the oldest, he's just emotionally distancing himself because his family died?

    - Renton discovers his grandfather actually helped with Nirvash, even refining the REFboard.

    - After his near death experience, Holland is strangely calm here - no outbursts, no displays of his formidable temper, just cool and collected, a side to Holland we've never really seen before.

    - When Holland is yet again out of bed and walking around, he talks to one of the researchers and discovers a little about the new weapon to destroy the Coralians, but also mentions Dewey and asks whether he's leading the new unit, clearly curious what his brother has been up to. This gives support to my theory that Holland and Dewey fell out over not just Eureka, but the army's plan to destroy the Coralians. From screenshots, I see there's an episode coming up showing an argument between Holland and Dewey, both in military uniforms, where Dewey hits Holland, so I'm guessing this is the 'falling out' - I am *dying* to see that! I *love* when they explore Holland's military past!

    - There's someone at the base that the crew seem to dread running into, a mysterious 'him', but not enough that they want to leave to avoid him.

    A fascinating episode with tons of new information and some very crucial background.moreless

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    • Holland: What is up with this old-fashioned music? Puts me in a bad mood.
      Talho: You haven't changed a bit.
      Holland: Huh?
      Talho: You've always hated old music like this, at least since I've known you.
      Holland: Shut up, will you?
      Talho: We say all this stuff now, but someday we're going to be old men and women, too.
      Holland: I said shut up.

    • Sonia: Oh, so this is where you've been hiding.
      Eureka: Sonia?
      Sonia: It's been quite a while, Eureka. Looks like you've been well.
      Renton: You know her?
      Eureka: Yeah. You see, this was the first place they brought me to back when they found me. I've known Sonia since that day.
      Renton: Found?

    • Matthieu: We're heading towards an army laboratory? You're not serious, are you?
      Hap: We can't help it. The only place that we can get the Nirvash repaired is the Tressoir laboratory where it was made.
      Matthieu: And yet you pull out all the scary stuff like we're gonna go out and rob someone.
      Hilda: Better safe than sorry, I always say. A fake ID code has been sent out.
      Hap: We'll go in fast. Make sure to grab one person to be a hostage.

    • Renton: Talho, you don't... you don't like it, do you, Talho, about my blood flowing through Holland's body?
      Talho: Holland never forgets about people he used to care about: about Diane, who's no longer here... about your sister.
      Renton: Wait, why would Holland know anything about my sister?
      Talho: Because he's just that kind of guy. He can't forget about the woman who dumped him. He's unfashionable, stupid, clumsy, and nothing but a fool who knows only how to act physically! (starts crying) He really is a good-for-nothing!
      (Renton starts to leave)
      Talho: I'm sorry, Renton, that Holland is someone like this.
      Renton: (stops and looks around) Talho, it's true, of course. I really did like my sister. But I'm... I'm not her. I am who I am. Besides, I think you're the only one that can support Holland right now and give him exactly what he needs.
      Talho: Idiot.

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