Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM May 20, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Three kids aboard the Gekko, who call Eureka their mother, decide that Renton is their enemy and play several evil tricks on him. And when one of those tricks puts the whole ship in danger, Renton takes all three of them aboard the Nirvash to help, but they're all suddenly surrounded by a United Federation Forces KLF unit.moreless

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  • As Renton still tries to get used to life aboard the Gekko, he is still being attacked.

    This was not one of my favorite episodes, but it does showcase some good character development, and interaction. The episode is pretty much just Renton getting made fun of by Eureka's kids. In the end though, he stoops to their level and plays a prank of his own (a really big one too!). This episode shows how much Renton wants Eureka to like him, but it also shows how even though he may think he is one, Renton is not a mature adult yet. Good episode for character development, but besides that not too much for this one.moreless
  • Your elders or kids you know my like this episode other wise, you might want to skip this episode or be prepared to be cringe from embarrassment.

    There is nothing wrong with this episode Technically. The English cast does good job with exception of Kirk Thornton (Matthieu) infamously mispronouncing “Eureka” (Supposed to be pronounced, ey-ooh-reh-ka). A weird choose of words for some of the dialog as well but then again so does every other Anime. There are a couple of funny scenes as well (like a kid giving the finger to Renton). Will make you giggle at the very least. The overlying theme of the episode is Ok but it just becomes really corny. It becomes difficult to watch and a bit embarrassing. Again, this is not Bang Zoom! Entertainment or Bandai’s fault, just the story. This is just my opinion though, a regular 19 year old. To me, as I said, it felt just down right cheesy and corny. If you think you’ll enjoy watching Renton winning over Eureka Kids then you like this episode, otherwise you’ll be begging to turn off the tube.moreless
  • Renton is being annoyed by Eurekas children. Theyre pulling all kinds of jokes and stunts on him and making him mad.They want him out because they dont want him stealing eureka away from them.He uses the Nirvash to stall for time for the gekkostate and gemoreless

    I thought that this episode ws okay ALTHOUGH I feel that more action needs to happen. It is pretty funny and I like how at the end the children take responsibility for their actions and join renton in his punishment and also give him respect because he didnt snitch on them and other things that he did. Hopefully the next episode will be better than this one.
Paul St. Peter

Paul St. Peter

Base Commander/KLF Squad Member 01/Man With Holland Tattoo

Guest Star

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    • Renton: Well, um, exactly... how old is Eureka anyway?
      Gidget: How old is she?
      Stoner: Hey, don't ask me.
      Matthieu: I'd say around 15 or 16, judging from that beautiful figure of her's.
      Gidget: Oh, Miss Hilda! Matthieu's looking at young girls like a dirty, old pervert!
      Matthieu: Idiot, would you stop that!
      Talho: You want Eureka as the cover girl for next month's issue? Maybe we'll get some brand new fans.
      Stoner: Yeah, well, we don't need fans like that.
      Gidget: Matthieu has a lolita complex!
      Matthieu: Hey! Do you want me to punch you, Gidget?!

    • Renton: Now look here!
      Linck: Oh, hey! It's only you, Renton.
      Maeter: "Look here!" makes you sound like an old guy talking!
      Maurice: What do you want, Renton?
      Renton: Don't you "What do you want?" me! This is all your guys' doing, isn't it? (points to his face, which now has scribbles on it)
      (all three kids laugh)
      Renton: I try to stay calm, but you keep setting traps and doodling all over me!
      Maurice: Yeah, and put 'roaches in your pockets...
      Linck: Prank phone calls, too!
      Maeter: It was so funny when we sewed up the zipper on your pants!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Lolita Complex
      Matthieu is accused of having a Lolita complex, which is when an older man falls for a girl in her teens. The name comes from the 1955 novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov.

    • Episode Title: Childhood
      This episode title is a reference to the song "Childhood" by Jeff Mills.