Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 12

Date of Birth

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jan 27, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Date of Birth
Renton learns more about his father, Adrock Thurston, from Eureka. Meanwhile, Dewey moves forward with his plan and confronts the Sage Council, and Stoner attempts to counter Dewey's lies to the media through Gekkostate's magazine, Ray=Out.

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    • QUOTES (4)

      • (Matthieu & Moondoggie are decorating Renton's room)
        Renton: Um, hey, guys? What exactly are you doing?
        Matthieu: You just leave it to us!
        Moondoggie: That's right!
        (Holland barges into Renton's room and lifts him up by his collar)
        Holland: Damn you! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO EUREKA?!

      • (Holland and Talho are walking through the corridors, Eureka is running opposite)
        Eureka: Hey! Holland!
        Holland: Eureka, what's wrong?
        Eureka: Holland, is it true you're a dad?
        Holland: Uh, no, but pretty soon I'm gonna become one.
        Eureka: Oh, really? How?
        Holland: Uh, wait, you want to know how? (confused) Yeah, how...
        (Talho shoulders Holland, giggling)
        Eureka: Do humans really need to have a dad around? Dads are really important, aren't they? Aren't they?
        Holland: Hmm, well, I won't know until I become one.
        Eureka: Oh, so maybe that's why Renton was so aggressive.
        (Holland and Talho gasp surprisingly)
        Holland: What?!
        Eureka: Maybe Renton wants to become a dad himself!
        (long pause, Holland rampages down the corridor)
        Holland: (ragingly) RENTON! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!

      • Moondoggie: Um, guys, I have a question that we should keep just between us.
        Gidget: What is it?
        Moondoggie: Uh, well, never mind, it was just a stupid thought.
        Hilda: Come on, Moondoggie. You can't say that and then drop it. It's gonna drive me crazy.
        Moondoggie: Oh. Well, all right. Are those two able... to do it?
        Gidget: (slams the table) You're such a jerk, Moondoggie!
        Hilda: You can just get out of here right now!
        Matthieu: Hey, now, wait a minute, hold on here! This is a question that could be important for Renton.
        Hilda: I've had enough! I was a fool to come and ask you guys for advice. Let's go, Gidget.

      • Renton: Eureka, what's beyond the Great Wall?
        Eureka: I don't know, but there's one word I know of to describe it.
        Renton: What is it?
        Eureka: Future. That is what is beyond the Great Wall, Renton. Adrock said that to me.
        Renton: My dad did?
        (Eureka nods)
        Renton: Wait, you mean you know all about my dad?!
        Eureka: What's wrong?
        Renton: You should've told me that you knew.
        Eureka: About what?
        Renton: About my dad!
        Eureka: Well, I didn't think that you would want to hear about him that much. Am I wrong?
        Renton: (grabs her by the shoulders) He's my family! Geez, any human would want to hear about their family, wouldn't they?
        Eureka: I don't understand that, Renton!
        Renton: What do you mean you don't understand?! It's the natural way for humans to think! What's wrong with you?!
        Eureka: What's wrong... is that I'm not human. (runs off)

    • NOTES (10)

      • In the manga, Dewey kills all three of the sages, gaining ultimate power.

      • Original Japanese Airdate: January 15th, 2006.

      • Apparently, Dewey continues his plans as a fake Messiah by awakening the Coralians, then destroying them with his team of LFO's.

      • Eureka learns the meaning of family, and how Adrock somewhat relates to her as a paternal figure. She also learns the beauty of how the human creates new life.

      • Adult Swim Fix air date: Friday, January 26th, 2007

      • The way Matthieu and Moondoggie indicates that they have some idea of how to set a mood, indicating that they have either had intercourse themselves (with their respective partners), or just have too much time on their hands.

      • Most of the crew in the Gekko had the impression that Renton wants to have intercourse with Eureka.

      • Renton decides to look at a "Pante Press" magazine for advice on women, but is caught by Hilda.

      • Eureka told Renton how his father "Adrock Thurston" disappeared, during the occurrence of the Seven Swell (or as they called it, "The Summer of Love"), because he removed the Amita Drive. He sacrificed his own life to protect everyone.

      • Matthieu and Moondoggie decide to give Renton some advice, while Hilda and Gidget are also giving Eureka some advice. However, both parties misunderstand their current situation.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Renton Thurston: Edward Elric
        Edward Elric, from the show Fullmetal Alchemist, expressed feelings of hatred when his father left the family. Renton also expresses emotions of hatred towards Adrock, noted that he left the family when he was still very young.

      • Episode Title: Date of Birth
        This episode title is a reference to the song "Date of Birth" by Arsonists.