Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 6

Don't You Want Me?

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Mar 17, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Captain Jurgens and Lieutenant Dominic arrive aboard the Gekko in order to find out if what Dr. Bear said about the Scub Corals is true. After finding out the truth, they decide to fight alongside the Gekkostate against Dewey - whether any of their fellow military crew supports them or not. Meanwhile, Maurice begins to feel that Renton is trying to change Eureka, so he insists on having things back the way they used to be.moreless

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  • The Changing

    It's always a common fear one has, change because it always means the begining of new things but also the loss of what is in the past.

    We see this theme paralleled in both the plot and subplot. In the subplot it's the begining of new things for Dominic as he is begining his conversion and redemption to fight with the Gekko state, I just really like that moment when he gives his reasons to them for why he want to fight, and we see his main reason is to save the woman he loves. Annomene herself also feels the change and realizes the emptyness she feels being without Dominic, and further along those feelings she feels will be fully realized.

    But of course what I like the most about the episode is the plot itself which has genuine emotion to it that felt real. Renton and the rest don't fear Eureka they feel concern for her for what's happening to her. Eureka feels not just fear of her changing body but also if what she has might harm the rest. In a way this sort of reminds me of the common fear most boys and girls have when their coming of age and their are certain changes to their body. But I really love how Renton reacts in this he feels frustration mainly at the fact that he is powerless to stop what is happening to her, but also wants to find a way to gain an understanding to her to confort her. The one way we see him do that is though that moment of self mutilation with a rock and of course Eureka gets him to stop which I though was sweet.

    Another great moment in this was when of course Eureka disarms a sittuation where her stepson Marice is pointing a gun toward Renton. In a way this could be seen as a metaphor for the common fear most kids have when a significant other of a single parient enters into their life, kids always fear this because it always means that signigicant other will have a profound affect on not just the person but also life in general. It the fear that it could be a negative change. But as we see the changes are really positive, it's the fear that makes it seem negative. Eureka gets Marice to see that and of course the fear drops away and both hug which was sweet.

    Change is always a good/great thing that happens in life, it's just a matter of how you look at it.moreless
  • This episode shows the love between Renton And Ereka.

    This episode had a lot of emotion and is the unveiling of Renton and Ereka love for one another. Holland tells everyone about the fellings that Renton and Ereka have for one another and Dominace tells everyone about his feelings for Anemina. This episode is very smoothed edged, in terms that the split action sences. The episode seems to run along quite well. The only problem is that the episode has no action in it (except for a little part). This episode is good for the ladies but for the guys it just might be the time to be there if your girl gets sobby.moreless
Joey Camen

Joey Camen

Dr. Greg Eagan [Dr. Bear]

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Jamieson Price

Jamieson Price


Guest Star

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Maria Schneider

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Bridget Hoffman

Bridget Hoffman

Sonia Wakabayashi

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