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Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 10

Higher Than the Sun

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jun 17, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

A massive amount of Trapar has erupted due to a tectonic shift that occurred on the other side of the world. So, the Gekkostate group decide to go there to enjoy some lifting, but then end up at Monarchy, a Federation military base. Holland and Talho remember that life-changing place, which they'll never be able to forget - a past that Holland still can't put behind him.moreless

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  • This is probably one of my favorite episodes of all. The concept was great, and it really showcased Holland & Talho. It was an excellent episode, and it even put anew character into the light.moreless

    What I loved about this episode was that it seemed to be a stand-alone. The opening with Holland stuck in a bad dream form when he was in the militry was great. When the crew of the Gekko decides to take a trajectory fligt to get to their destination faster, was really cool and the talk between Holland and Talho was very well done, and it improved their characters a lot. The end of the episode is also very interesting. It introduces Anemone, a very odd character to say the least.moreless
  • Renton finally making moves to Eureka! Revealing Holland's Past! Oh my!

    This would be Holland’s episode. The spotlight is mainly on him in this one. Revealing his cryptic past a bit and his relationship with Talho. Renton try to make some “moves” to Eureka only ending in a comedic situation but it feels natural not “cartoon anime” comedic.

    This episode is relatively easy to follow, compared to the past iterations. Do have to mention how solid everything is? Sound, Music, Animation, Acting, et cetera. I can imagine couples really connecting to this episode. Simply because the boy-girl relationship is in an all time high here. Maybe I’m exaggerating here but it is noticeable.

    Let me get the point, I had fun with the episode and I think you will agree too. And hopefully you’ll agree with my score, I think its fair score, unlike the other reviewers giving high scores only for the sake of it. Was that just a sneaky jab at fanboys? Yes, Yes it was. Please people enough of this, I like this show as much as anybody else but I still keep it fair. No more perfect scores. /rantmoreless
  • Really great episode.

    Wow that was a good show. Really funny, loved the part when Renton and Eureka were under the nirvash and he tried to kiss her andtell her how he feels and everyone Kept walking by and going"out with it"and other stuff. then Eureka was like out with what, that was so rotfl.I thought the character development with holland was ok. good for the show, but I'm not really into sentiment stuff like that, except when it is with Eureka and Renton.Would have been better if they actually went lifting, those are always my favorite parts,but other than that it was pretty good. Can't wait until next episode to find out more about Anemone and Gekko state's involvement with the military.moreless

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