Eureka Seven

Season 2 Episode 5

Ill Communication

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Aug 26, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Ill Communication
The group meets an old man named Breetani, who happens to be a digger, while they're in a mine. He reveals to them that he's been working in the mine for a long time. And Renton shows him the Nirvash, Breetani has an unexpected reaction.

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Since the camera cut in late into the restaurant, it seems that Brittacani and the Gekko crew had aready spoken at length, probably about why they've parked in the mine. He would probably also have introduced himself then, which explains when Renton entered his home, how he already knew his name.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Digger: Your name?
        Renton: Huh?
        Digger: I asked, "What's your name?"
        Renton: I'm Renton. My name's Renton Thurston.
        Digger: You're a Thurston? That great mechanic grandfather of yours isn't by any chance named Axel Thurston, is he, and lives in Bellforest?
        Renton: Oh, yes! This is the first time someone didn't ask about Adrock Thurston after hearing me say my name!
        Digger: Well, all diggers, unless they've completely shut themselves off from the world, first think of Axel when they hear the name Thurston. It's the dream of every digger to be able to dig up something that can meet that mechanic's criteria.
        Renton: Oh, I wish Grandpa could hear what you said!

      • Stoner: (looking at the soup) So, what happened to that bread you got?
        Matthieu: Honey, can we have some bread?
        Hilda: No! No bread!
        Matthieu: Why?
        Hilda: Someone here ate some without asking. Until the culprit confesses, nobody gets any!
        Stoner: That's just like her! Boy, she's tough.
        Matthieu: Wait a second. Who did it? Come on, fess up, or we're all gonna starve! Please.

      • Matthieu: So, what do you think dinner is tonight?
        Stoner: Same thing as lunch, I suppose.
        Matthieu: You mean we gotta eat that awful, thin soup again? We're all gonna starve!

      • Renton: (thinking) I didn't care at all, or rather, I wasn't listening at all. I was thinking more about why Mr. Britney had stopped his excavations, why he had given up. Was that mine really dead? And if so, why didn't he just start to dig the next one? Was this something that was impossible for a kid like me to understand? What did he hope to accomplish by stealing the Nirvash and showing it to his son? Sis, why did Dad leave me the Amita Drive? Was it something that Dad really found in an old mine? Is it something that I should be protecting with my life? If it isn't so, Sis... then why am I here?

      • Matthieu: Hey, Renton!
        Renton: Yeah, what is it?
        Matthieu: Go complain about the noise.
        Renton: Oh, okay.
        Matthieu: Are you sure?
        Renton: Yeah, I don't mind. I'm used to dealing with stubborn, old men.

      • Matthieu: What was that guy?
        Hilda: He's just some old digger.
        Gidget: I thought he was ultra-scary.

      • Digger: Get outta here!
        Renton: Huh? I must be hearing things.
        Digger: Get out!
        Renton: Wait a minute! Are you guys messing with me again?
        Digger: Get out!
        (Renton is shocked to see someone)
        Digger: Everyone that makes the scubs dirty, get out!

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