Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 8

Inner Flight

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Dec 16, 2006 on Adult Swim
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The Gekko continues its path towards the Capital to rescue Norb, while Holland tells Renton and Eureka the truth about who Norb is and the day he met Eureka. Meanwhile, Dewey, having captured Norb, tries to convince him to help him in his quest to create a second Summer of Love.moreless

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  • Holland and Eureka Begins

    This episode is one where we actually see how both Holland and Eureka begin and it truely is the begining for a lot of things to come.

    Holland we see at first as a young man a bit arrogant and determined but unfortunately was fighting for the wrong side. Eureka though was just another cog in the machine when she first came to the world, she was litterally empty with persona. From all the things she's done I can't help but feel it really wasn't her fault, she was just mislead and wasn't taught any better, no thanks to Dewey and his corrupt goverment. Holland wasn't at the time a good teacher but that's because even he didn't know any better.

    It wasn't until of course he meets Master Norb. I'll admit Norb is a great character, wise, gentle, passive agressive, dryly funny (latter in the show), but also a bit engmatic. As we see he's the one that truely help set Holland straght and has charged him with the life long mission that Holland is doing right now in the present.

    But we also see how Eureka became Eureka when of course we see how she meet her adopted children. I thought in a way it was quietly touching and emotional, we see as Eureka looks at the children she is finally becomeing complete with what she lacked emotion. You see as the children are scared, sad, and a bit angry at what Eureka has done, Eureka is starting to feel sadness and regret for what she's done. And of course we see her doing what any good human being should do, just when the place was colapsing she then protects them and then of coruse takes them into her care which marks when she became their surigate mother.

    But of course we see one big reveal in the present at the end where the relationship between Taiho and Holland is changed forever. It was a sweet moment when we see that Taiho is pregnant, which means Holland is about to be a father. A lot of things have began for both Holland and Eureka which made them the people they are today even better than who they were before and many more things will begin for them to make them even more than they were before.moreless

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    • Renton: (thinking) I want to protect Eureka, and it has nothing to do with being a partner or about the world in general. I just want to be by Eureka's side. That feeling hasn't changed one bit from the very beginning.

    • Holland: (to Renton) I have no idea what you did to become her partner, but I know no matter what, you need to believe in yourself. Remember that though you chose her first, she chose you in the end.

    • (Moondoggie & Gidget are packing away the shop goods)
      Moondoggie: Don't touch.
      Gidget: Hey, why are you so upset?
      Maeter: Should we drink it?
      Linck: Yeah, let's drink it.
      Moondoggie: You better not drink it without paying for it!
      Gidget: You don't have to yell at them! You've been acting really strange.
      Maurice, Maeter, & Linck: Strange, strange strange!
      Moondoggie: Shut up. You should be on the bridge. Stuff like this is about all I can do.
      Gidget: What are you talking about? Look, if you're gonna work, you might as well enjoy it. Besides, if you don't have anything else to do, you can go find something.
      Maurice, Maeter, & Linck: You can.
      Moondoggie: Yeah, well, you wouldn't understand.
      Gidget: I wouldn't understand, huh? Doggie, you're an idiot! Hmph! (leaves)
      Maurice, Maeter, & Linck: (to Moondoggie) You idiot! (run off)

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