Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 11

Into the Nature

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jun 24, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • The Gekkostate stumbles upon a phenomena called a Coralian. Renton, and Eureka head into it giving us a really great episode.

    The giant cloud called a Coralin appears, and Holland decides to head to it. When he gets there he sends Renton, Eureka and the others into it, but only Renton, and Eureka make it. As they approach it, Renton and Eureka meet with Anemone and her Nirvash The End. Action heavy, this episode is really good.
  • Finally a great episode.

    I’ve heard so many good things about this series, but I haven’t actually seen it prior to it’s AS airing. I figured, “Why not catch it dubbed on Adult Swim”. Well, I was a bit disappointed, not with the dub, but with the series. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as people say it is. This episode, however, finally kicks the series into overdrive, at least I hope.

    As if the series didn’t have enough unsolved mysteries, this episode just throws some more out there. Such as, what’s wrong with Eureka, and just what the heck is a Corallian? Sure I have my guesses, but more mysteries this early on are always a good thing. The thing I like a lot about this series is that Renton, like us, has no clue about anything. I’m not saying he’s dumb, just that he’s left in the dark like us. So, when we discover something shocking, he will too. Also, the cliffhanger really got me excited. The next episode preview interested me as well, as it appears Renton is in a dream sequence like world. Of course, I’m probably totally wrong. But, it still seems interesting.

    If my assumption is correct about the series in general, then this is a very special episode for me, as it just might have sparked what will be an obsession with this series. I jut hope the next episode and the ones that follow that are just as god, and if not, better!
  • There is this cloud called Coralion and Renton doesnt know what it is and he wants to know but nobody will tell him.eureka and renton go against the thing and they fight anemone this girl that rides one that looks just like the nirvash but black.

    This episode was awesome it was revealing and exciting.I still dont'know what a coralion is but it looks dangerous. I wonder why they injected anemone with that pink stuff and what is gonna happen to renton and the was funny how nobody told him what the coralion was.It was vey cute when she was bathing with the children and promised them she would come back.Cant wait for the next episode.
  • Good episode. It was very well put together and one of the more interesting episodes of the season.

    Eureka is feeling ill as a result of the complications with the connnection between her and the Nirvash, which is revealed to be her fault. A corrailion appears and both the military and the gekko go to it. Although it is never revealed exactly what a corralion is, the gekko is trying to get to the center while the military is trying to destroy it.We find out that Anemone pilots a LFO very similar to the Nirvash, and she and Eureka are very similar. But Anemone is under the complete control of the military via some sort of serum that is injected into her neck. When the gekko reaches the corralion and the LFOs are released they are attacked by Anemone until only the Nirvash remains and Anemone appears to use some sort of physcological attack on them. All on all it was a great episode with a very good to be continued at the end
  • For a second there, I was just getting ready to give up on this Anime.

    Ok It seems like the gang is headed for something called the "Corallian." First of all, what the hell is a Corallian? It must be something like a hurricane. Anyway, Eureka is still feeling a little bit sick but she still want to go. When they almost get there, this new mech called the Nirvash typeThe End gets in their way. So far this show is starting to interest me again. I almost gave up on this show.
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